EA Confirms No NHL 10 For PC Or PS2

EA gets criticized at times for not making enough changes each year to their sports games. Well, NHL 10 will be different from NHL 09 in at least one big way: it won't appear on the PC or PS2.

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TheTimeDoctor3499d ago

"We are going to focus on making the best possible NHL experience for the PS3 and Xbox 360."

sounds good to me

EvilCackle3499d ago

Yeah, I can't really argue with the logic. Sports games would probably turn out a little more innovative if so much energy wasn't expended on porting them to every platform known to man.

JonahFalcon3498d ago

Why not PC? It's an easy port from the 360.

EvilCackle3498d ago

I guess the sales are that low for the PC version that they don't find it to be worth it.

Supernatural243497d ago

And besides, NHL on PC hasn't been good in years. Last version that I played on PC was 06 and it sucked. 2002 was the best.

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