Famitsu sales (3/9 - 3/15)

1. Musou Orochi Z (PS3)

2. Resident Evil 5 (PS3)

3. Picross (DS)

4. Dynasty Warriors: Multi Raid (PSP)

5. Mario and Luigi 3 (DS)

6. Pikmin 2 (Wii)

7. Yakuza 3 (PS3)

8. Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G (PSP)

9. 7th Dragon (DS)

10. Wii Fit (Wii)

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TheHater3500d ago

3 PS3 games in the top 10 at once. Has that ever happened before?

resistance1003500d ago

Yep but not in a while. I can remember one week when the PS3 had 4 games in it.

Chris3993500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Oh and I wonder if Demon's Souls is still charting higher than Star Ocean 4 this week? :) (Read carefully before flaming: "charting higher" not "sold more", there is a difference. SO4 all but dropped off the radar after 3 weeks, while DS was charting HIGHER than it after 5.)

That game has serious legs, and should have been marketed better.

Edit: Oh, and can Sega just announce Yakuza 3 for North America already? The game is easily going to pass 500K. That alone should cover localization costs. I'm not asking for much, just English menus and sub-titles (I wouldn't want the voice acting marred by the regulars of the dubbing circuit).

P.S. Sorta random, but so am I :) I absently clicked on a link on the Famitsu site and it took me here:

If you're any sort of a JRPGer, we NEED these games in North America. They're dual-UMD, JRPG epics, super long, lots of extra content and beautiful graphics. They're the continuation what we know as the Legend of Heroes series. Those games were crap, but these titles are awesome. It's a shame that these might not see the light of day in the West.

Here's a trailer if you're not convinced (or a JRPG hater :) ):

eagle213500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

April 16th....PS3's will be hotcakes, FFVII: Advent Children/FFXIII DEMO will be major. :)

TheHater3500d ago

If the PS3 get a $100 price cut as rumor as it for this upcoming week and combine that with Final Fantasy VII: Adven Children Complete and a Demo for Final Fantasy XIII in Japan. I wouldn't be surprise if the PS3 sells over 75K that week of the Final Fantasy XIII demo.

Kushan3500d ago

Do you really think a Demo is going to shift consoles? I mean, I'm sure FFXIII is going to at least quadruple PS3 sales for a good few weeks, but a demo? I'm not so sure.
Didn't a demo of FFX ship with the PS1 version of FFVI or something? How did that affect PS2 sales?

TheHater3500d ago

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue is basically a demo of Gran Tourism 5 and that pushed PS3 in Japan and in Europe. Think about all the people in Japan that is waiting for Final Fantasy XIII and is waiting to purchase a PS3 for that game. Some of those people will buy a PS3 to play the demo.

I bought Dragon Quest VIII for the Final Fantasy XII demo back in the PS2 days.

eagle213500d ago

check out the square's tv spot for Advent Children/FFXIII DEMO in the PS3 section (n4g) will see why it will be major.

eagle213500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

double post, sorry. :(

Kushan3500d ago

People say GT:5 is "just a demo", but I disagree, there's a good chunk of content in that "game" and it still receives updates, plus it has the TV section which is quite nifty. FFXIII's demo will be "just" a demo.

I'm not saying Advent Children wont sell well, I'm sure it will, but I'm not sure it'll be a console shifting thing. Surely by now those that are hardcore for FFXIII will have a PS3 and those that aren't are likely to just wait until the game itself comes out. I'm sure there will be a couple of people buying a PS3 JUST for the demo, but I don't think it'll be a particularly large blip in sales.

pwnsause3500d ago

i bought ZOE1 for the MGS2 demo back in 2001. I was blown away back at the time. and ZOE1 rocked. It made me buy ZOE2.

it will be a good boost in sales.

heroicjanitor3500d ago

A demo attached to a movie isn't going to sell many more ps3's than is standard. FFXIII will sell many ps3s though.

XxZxX3500d ago

Yes PWNSAUCE, Konami indeed need another ZOE for Gamers sake. Make it mulitplatform I don't care. As long as they can deliver with the same quality of ZOE and ZOE2.

GiantEnemyFlop3500d ago

then you don't know what the name Final Fantasy mean in Japan

Why o why3500d ago

we call it a demo because the haters started calling it a demo even though it had the most cars online, the best graphics of any car game etc. Its called a prologue, nothing more nothing less. On topic it may move units even though its just a demo/whatever. Time will tell i suppose

cliffbo3500d ago

what? the demo will help sell the PS3 but not because it's just a demo, but because it's with Advent Children. people will want the Blu-ray version of that film and if they haven't got a Blu-ray player, it would be a bit stupid not to buy a PS3 simply because you get a demo of FF on it... standalones would be a bit stupid. yes, it will help sales. my guess is the PS3 will hit 45,000 - 55, 000 units sold that week

gaffyh3500d ago

Wow, I'm kinda surprised that the 360 version of RE5 isn't in the top 10

FarEastOrient3500d ago

What happened to Star Ocean IV? Also I can't wait for my FFVII:PS3, I know I'm not alone so I wouldn't be surprised if more than 75,000 PS3s are sold that week because of this special edition by itself.

Danja3500d ago

FF 7 Advent Children will move alot of PS3 , im guessing around 50k that week...

but PS3 has been on a role the last couple of weeks , 3rd parties japanese devs are making a killing off PS3 games these days.

itagaki3500d ago

Only 2 Wii games and a massive 3 PS3 games? The world is going under... at least in Japan!

It's as if the chart turned upside down. MS is out of the game as usual.

TapiocaMilkTea3500d ago

I look forward to the FFXIII demo on youtube, no need to play now when you can play later.

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swiftshot933500d ago

good to see PS3 selling well in Japan. Even better to see the wii dying.

dylandurden3500d ago

Unfortunately, the Wii isn't (still) dying.

But Xbox 360 was born dead in Japan, so at least we can celebrate that.

XxZxX3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

wow, such deep rooted hatred toward XBOX 360, same thing from Bloodmask, Zhuk, TheMart/POG in 2007, they have deep rooted hatred toward PS3 too. The Fight will go on I guess but at least you admit it. :D

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3500d ago

...Has the xBox 360 been Discontinued??? ;-D

eagle213500d ago

it must be, because if it drops price again it will be sold with cereal in japan. lol

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3500d ago

...then the Cereal company will go out of business!!! ;-D

Dad to Son 'Do you want a xBox 360?'

Son(sings) to Dad 'I'd rather have a Bowl of Coco Pops!!!' ;-D

This is Coco Pops -

(not sure if they have them in every country)

pwnsause3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

im expecting the PS3 to outsell the wii again this week.

edit: This is very rare on whats happening to the PS3, hopefully we see it often. that FFVII:ACC BD/FFXIII Demo combo is coming out next month, it might propel sales which is good.

heyheyhey3500d ago

hang in there Yakuza!! that game NEEDS to come to Europe

cmrbe3500d ago

From what i have seen its a must buy for me.

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