5 PS3 Changes Needed in 2009

TGS: "We believe in Sony's PS3. These changes can bring the current underdog closer to success."

"We here at That Gaming Site do not take sides and do not have console favorites. We do, however, wish to see the gaming industry remain healthy and recognize that in order to do so competition must remain fierce in the ongoing console battle. With that in mind, we have created a few relatively simple, but effective moves Sony can make to strengthen their position throughout 2009 as they seek the hearts of gamers everywhere."

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jimineyscrickets3502d ago

I was a little hesitant about this one at first, but it turns out the guy is not a fanboy and had some really well thought out points that could help the PS3 this year.

gameplayingfool3502d ago

Posts like this are usually nothing but shameless flamebait. Really surprised to see some thought went into this and that it has good intentions.

Hopefully Sony will take note!

TreborRversed3502d ago

Yeah I think everyone needs to read this before posting.

Was actualy a rather unbiased for a changed lol

Elven63502d ago

I agree, the article makes some pretty good points that are worth reading over. So far so good, 8 comments in and no headline only commentators.

krazy14kraz3502d ago

indeed, this guy knows his stuff.

rockleex3501d ago

Sony First Party games feature custom soundtrack.

Does anyone know whether Sony will make it REQUIRED for ALL GAMES like Trophies?

Developers would still have the choice of WHEN music can be played, but it should be included SOMEWHERE in the game. ^_^

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sloth33953502d ago

I dont think the game installs are a big deal when you can upgrade your HDD easily and cheap

jimineyscrickets3502d ago

It is nice that you can upgrade the HDD yourself and i LOVE my PS3. Thing is though (he points out the PS3 does need a price drop) the money adds up quick.

PS3 = $400
Extra Controller = $50
5 Top-Tier Games = $300
Decent HDMI Cable = $30+
Bluetooth Headset = $30 (even for a cheap one)

Add those up and you are looking at over $800 smackers right there! Do you really want to spend another $99+ for a HDD because games and DLC are eating up the 80 gig that came with the system?

Obviously that is all up to personal opinion, but asking that your HDD is sufficient and lets the GAMER decide how it is used, WITHOUT having to avoid certain games, is totally reasonable.

Elven63502d ago

I've never run into Harddrive space issues either, even on my 20GB 360 HDD! Maintaining your disk space wisely and reconsidering whats on their (Is video X needed? Do I have a better quality video X on my flash drive? etc) will extend your journey.

Bnet3433502d ago

I never understood why the PS3 needs game installs anyway? Isn't Blu-Ray big enough?

FarEastOrient3502d ago

I just bought a 500GB HDD for only $113, very easy install to boot! Now the 120GB for my Xbox 360 cost $149, not only can I not use the drive the way I want to but your asking for my arm too.

Note to all: Never pay more than $30 for HDMI cables, this is the same for the Xbox 360 and PS3 unless your are trying to go more than 10" (feet). Anything less you can pay $12 and still receive just as good of a signal.

Elven63502d ago

Kigmal: Its no about space but load times.

rogimusprime3502d ago

for $30??? You are getting screwed, my friend. I hope that cable you bought for that price was VERY long.

Anyway, this was a pretty good list. The in-game installs are more on the developers than SONY. Even so, you can delete these installs for games you don't play anymore, and still keep the saved data, it's not that difficult, and you can always upgrade your HDD and be done with it.

I would like to see cross game chat like XBOX has, and cross game invites too.

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Karum3502d ago

That was a fairly well written arguments, the points were well thought out and presented as such.

On the point of game installs, they don't bother me that much but it's obvious games can run virtually flawlessly without them. I'm thinking it's maybe the game engines the devs are using, they aren't optimized for the PS3's architecture so an install makes it easier.

Then again Street Fighter 4 has an optional install and is a multi-platform engine so it is definitely possible to eliminate them.

That said the list is a good one and all those things would be welcome additions.

Lucreto3502d ago

It is funny people forget to delete it when they are finished the game. I deleted Fallout 3, DMC 4 etc when I finsed playing them and I have tonnes of space on my 60gb drive.

gameplayingfool3502d ago

But a certain percentage of gamers, myself included, regularly go back to their entire current gen library. Deleting and reapplying the install is therefore not a wise use of ones time, and again makes the required use of the hard drive a serious issue.

I'm a student with limited funds and a 60 gig PS3. Spending over $100.00 on a new HDD for my PS3 is difficult, considering fitting gaming in the budget is already a challenge. Just like the guy says, if you can get a game like Killzone or Uncharted to run so well without an install, you don't need the hard drive.

You are right though, the average gamer can just delete the excess data from the drive.

Max Power3502d ago

you don't have to spend 100 bucks for a HDD, that is for the 500 gb, i am sure you can get a nice 250 gb HDD for 50 bucks or so.

no-spin3502d ago

i miss the variety of good news, now we have this bunch of articles with endless opinions and criticism and whatever

randomwiz3502d ago

He should make the first point the last one, because its the weakest, and most impossible one. Even if Sony could do that, they can't because microsoft has a patent

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