KILLZONE In OPM UK - Guerilla says, No

It was probably an early April Fool's attempt by OPM but according to the developers of Killzone, no screenshots and/or info will be revealed in next issue of OPM UK for the highly anticipated PS3 game.

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Violater4634d ago (Edited 4634d ago )

When will it end, ohh yea E3.
I really hope that they are restricted from releasing footage from GDC.

PS360PCROCKS4634d ago

My god...this is getting ridiculous now. Too many rumours concerning this game anymore. I am just going to wait til I see some concrete stuff before I believe anymore of this stuff.

Shadow Flare4634d ago (Edited 4634d ago )

i wanna see something of Killzone 2 NOW! Maybe sony's waiting till E3 to show the first thing of Killzone 2. The first thing they release of Killzone 2 will have to be incredibly and match or surpass the trailer. Sony knows this because they have to keep the hype up and prove they can live up to expectations for this game. There's nothing wrong with waiting till the time is right and there's nothing worse than releasing things too early; because that won't impress people. If this game lives up to the trailer (and its very possible) then its gonna shut up alot of people/ convert some people/ make a load of people interested in ps3 and sell a bunch of ps3's. None of which could ever be said of certain 360 fanboys on this site; even if Killzone 2 looked like a movie

GaMr-4634d ago

Seriously... those guys are always fuccin up...

BrotherSic4633d ago

agree, this is the second major mistake in the last couple of weeks

Gamer134634d ago

At least GTA next gen trailer this month can,t wait to see it.

im out...///"""

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The story is too old to be commented.