PlayTM: A History of Resident Evil

The year is 1996 and something truly wicked has just made its way onto Sony's chunky grey box. Known as Biohazard in Japan, Resident Evil is the brainchild of Capcom designer Shinji Mikami and it's a game that will prove instrumental in introducing survival horror to the world (although from the shonky B-movie intro, you wouldn't have thought so). Resident Evil's opening FMV wasn't the most audacious fanfare you'd expect for the game that pretty much shaped the genre we know and love today. Living on in infamy as one of the worst seen in a videogame, the live-action sequence has acting and production values that would make Roger Corman blush. As far as revolutionary videogame franchises go, no one could have guessed that Resident Evil would be so influential, especially given its ropey prologue. If Alone in the Dark is credited with inventing the modern survival horror genre, then it was Resident Evil that refined it and turned into something that truly appealed to almost every gamer.

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