PocketeGamer Review: Metal Gear Solid Touch

Like a snake shedding its skin, Metal Gear Solid adopts a new form on iPhone. Abandoning the stealth play of the main series so far, Metal Gear Solid Touch is all about the trigger finger. All-out action replaces tactical espionage in what plays more like Duck Hunt than Metal Gear Solid.

It's a dramatic departure for a franchise venerated as the progenitor of the stealth-action genre. The result is a game that fails to carry the spirit of the series, trading sophisticated gameplay for accessibility.

Reprising his role in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Solid Snake returns as the distinguished Old Snake for one final mission against his nemesis Liquid Ocelot.

The first three acts of the saga are chronicled in Metal Gear Solid Touch beginning with an arrival in the Middle East and ending in a foggy European city. The game's 12 missions will be boosted by others released as a free update at a later date.

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