Clip: Wright's SXSW Spore Demo

Alice Taylor did a magnificent job of catching the feel of the Will Wright SXSW speech, but just in case you wanted to see the one-armed Will in action here's a wonderful vid from the show. Creds to zachinglis for the shaky cam work and Gauphastus for pointing it out to us.

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Tut4630d ago

I have been waiting for any sort of update on this game for quite some time now, probably around a year. Wright gets so much reaction from showing this game every time. I have high hopes for Spore but also some very large doubts. It will at least be fun to play in the beginning.


ps3604630d ago

this is a pc game why is it on ps3 news

RBlaze4630d ago

It looks like an Ace title, but i feel that they should've made it online. imagine a load of planets owned by people goeing to war. that'd be awesome. I guess there are problems with that though, or it woulda been done.

Also, i agree with PS360. I thought this was a PC game, yet it was up on the 360 and on the PS3 news :s. I comes to those consoles though, all th better. Can anyone confirm what its platform(s) are?

marionz4630d ago

i dunno bout ps3 but it is coming out for 360

zonetrooper54629d ago

Sorry for putting it in the PS3 and Xbox 360 section, i thought it was coming out for all consoles.

GamerMan4629d ago

This game at this time is PC only. There are rumors it will have itterations to other consoles and handhelds but as of right now the only official platform this game is coming out for is the PC.