STP: Cooking Mama Review

STP writes: "Cooking Mama has been released for the Wii and the Nintendo DS with existing sequels, and it has also now made its debut on the iPhone. The goal of the game is simple, as the title suggests: cook a recipe by following through on mini-games. Whilst it offers good value on consoles, we're afraid that the same cannot be said about Cooking Mama for the iPhone.

Cooking Mama is priced at a hefty $6.99, pricey compared to other, higher-quality games like Topple 2 ($2.99) and Fieldrunners ($4.99). Of course, some games are indeed worth $5 or more, but Cooking Mama is not one of them. The console versions are packed with 70 different recipes, but the iPhone version only has a meager 15, which works out to be nearly 50 cents apiece."

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