Gamebosh Review: Guinness World Records: The Videogame

The Guinness World Records began in 1954, when brewery manager Sir Hugh Beaver was frustrated to find no definitive records available for reference and so decided to compile his own. This book immediately conquered the charts and from 1956 onwards has been sold to staggering success all over the world.

Then came television versions in 1972 (known as 'Record Breakers' here in England), a museum in 1976 and in 2008 a record book was created purely for video game scores. Surprisingly there hasn't been an official video game based directly on Guinness world record attempts until now, but with the interactive abilities of the Wii and DS, you can not only challenge friends to beat real life records, but you can also upload your scores via Wi-Fi and potentially get your name in next years' book.

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