AppCraver Review: Build Cities as You Build Words with Textropolis

Textropolis is a text twisting game for the iPhone that lets you vicariously travel the world, if cartoon buildings and faceless people represent the world. Like Chicktionary and Word Warp, the object of this app is to form new words from the letters of one big word. In Textropolis, the initial words are city names.

Textropolis was developed by Ian Marsh of NimbleBit. This app is a word game with side effects: As you create more words, both the buildings and the population grow in the city. You can earn up to ten stars in each city, and when you get to two stars, the next city unlocks. If you get stuck, you can exchange 100 people for a hint. The hints are basically the first letter of a word with the word's definition. Most are giveaways, like N_ _ _ _: The plural of nose.

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