PS3 Greatest Hits bundle "limited to Target," Sony confirms

Sony has confirmed a new "Greatest Hits" PS3 bundle to go on sale at Target, two days after the Game Developer Conference next week. However, the updated $400 model is exclusive to the retailer, leaving open the possibility of a spring price cut announcement.

Joystiq spotted a new PS3 "Greatest Hits" bundle to go on sale March 29 at Target, two days after next week's Game Developers Conference. Kotaku later confirmed the details "with several Target locations," reassuring that the bundle will sell for $400, sans a price cut.

Sony Computer Entertainment America confirmed the news today while shedding light on its impact. "We can confirm this bundle," an official said in an email sent to Ars. "It will only be available at Target in limited quantities."

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PirateThom3591d ago

Just a promotional thing, then.

Hallucinate3591d ago

its a pretty bad bundle to..i mean those are the worst succesfull ps3 exclusives out there they shoulda atleast used motorstorm pacift rift cause the first one is garbadge

Masta_fro3591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

id rather buy a 10gb ps3 at 299, then pay 399 for 80gb and 2 old games.

Sure, they're great entry titles for newbies, but i think the problem with the ps3 is the price, not the "lack of games"

just lower the damn price, thats all they gotta do, and bring the 160gb ps3 to 399 and bundle it with KZ2...then they can go take a nap for a year.

gaffyh3591d ago

@1.1 - Motorstorm 1 is crap, but Resistance 1 is very very good, better than R2 in many ways imo.

Doomsday3591d ago

well to be honest i think they are better games than the 360 sometimes bundles...xcept when they included ultimate alliance that was a pretty good game

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Johnny Rotten3591d ago

Maybe this is a start to some kind of "phasing out" to get rid of the older skews/models to bring in something new?

ps3gamerkyle3591d ago

Megaton announcement for E3 confirmed?

frayer3591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

A greatest hits bundle does sound like Sony is phasing out the 80 gig.... or phasing out the $399.99 price point. They have a limited set of bundles selling for $399.99 and drop the price of the regular 80 gig to $299.99- to soften the blow of a price cut.

frayer3591d ago

Should've bundled Uncharted and Ratchet, seeing as their sequels are coming this year.

GiantEnemyFlop3591d ago

this is just one pic , who know what other greatest hits maybe will they put in the bundle:
-heavenly sword
-Ratchet and clank :tod
- ....etc