Wii Friend Codes to be Title Specific

Wii Friend Codes for online play will be title specific. In other words, you need to register every one of your buddies with a new set of random numbers every time you purchase a new game with online connectivity, according to a GameSpy interview with Wii: Definitive Speculation.

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hfaze4626d ago

Wiik :-)

I was hoping Nintendo would not go that way... The system they used on the DS was primitive at best.

Schmitty074626d ago

Why is Microsoft the only one who has caught on to how to setup online?

gnothe14626d ago

because they have been doing it for so long!! an they see it as something you HAS to have instead of something you MIGHT WANNA HAVE!!

Boink4626d ago

they really dropped the ball on this one.

unified friends list is a MUST, period.

MikeGdaGod4626d ago

i can't even begin to imagine how irritating that will be, think about how many special names you gotta come up with, i wouldn't have any buddies besides for the game i played the most

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The story is too old to be commented.