PSP2 3G rumour a fake?

There's a new PSP rumour currently being reposted everywhere, supposedly suggesting a reveal of a new UMD-less 3G PSP2 at next week's Game Developers Conference (GDC). The only problem being that the SCEA name tied to the announcement doesn't work at Sony.

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heroicjanitor3505d ago

It just means that the guy who wrote this article never read the original statement from Perry. He said he "knew somebody at Sony" who said that the next psp wouldn't have umd.

Mindboggle3505d ago

It was obviously a fake....

Kain813505d ago

and the Pic is only a Mok up

Counter_ACT3505d ago

Most announcements / rumors from "inside sources" or whatever are almost always fake.

Sangria3505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

It's only a fantasy of a gamer that brought several common desires to enhance PSP experience. The simplest way to prove it is the "PSP-4000 alias PSP2". Every iteration of PSP is simply a little improvement but never a revolution. PSP-1000 was fat, PSP-2000 became slim, PSP-3000 has a microphone and backlight. PSP-4000 may have in several months an integrated memory card for game saves, for example, but it can't totally revolutionize the PSP itself.

Touch-screen, UMD-less, ultra-compact, keyboard,... are probably technologies for a future PSP2 but not a PSP-4000, and anybody rational would know that those features are as much useless as expensive. After all why bothering with a keyboard if you have a virtual keyboard through the touch-screen?

I wouldn't be surprise to see Sony Ericsson releasing an iPhone-like mobile, but it would not be gaming-oriented.

Kami3505d ago

Are you guys seriously that stupid?
do you think that pic is in fact how the psp in going to look?
Please just kill your selves. Gawddamit im ashamed of how stupid people can be. seriously im not trolling