AppGamer Review: Space Bikers

Space Bikers is a strange one. What you may initially expect to be a racing game turns out to be a physics based platformer, on a bike. Although a race mode can be unlocked later in the game, the game is predominately based around collecting items and navigating 2D levels. The game is reminiscent of Chillingo's own Bike or Die 2, but improves on the formula in numerous ways.

The space bikers, tiny doll like beings from the planet Motoria, are on their way to the Universe Moto trials, when an asteroid hits their spaceship causing it to crash land on Earth. From here, it's your task to take control of one of the three Space Bikers in order to collect parts to fix their damaged ship. Strangely, objects such as bananas, light bulbs and paperclips are sufficient to fix a ship capable of space travel, and can be found in the everyday locations that form the levels of the game.

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