Fallen Earth: Character Customisation

Developers from the upcoming MMO Fallen Earth have revealed details of the intricate character customisation planned for the game.

Personalisation of characters is becoming more important in MMOs as people seek out deeper levels of immersion in their games. Older MMOs like World of Warcraft have limited customisation available for characters, with a handful of faces and hairstyles available. Players often bump into clones of themselves due to the lack of options, however, newer games offer players many more choices and Fallen Earth certainly does that.

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Maticus3501d ago

Wow, considering the setting, RP is pretty unusual. This is shaping up to be an awesome game.

Medievaldragon3501d ago

Never heard of this game before. Customization of characters however is the way to go. It's not cool to see clones.

Malfurion3501d ago

Sigh, if only WoW would add more customization. They added hairstyles, why not more faces??

But yeah, this game sounds better every time I read about it. Expect Tabula Rasa players to flock there when it comes out.

lothaer3501d ago

imho wow needs to add Tattoos and scars, the tattoos you'd goto a tattooist but the scars could be added via amount of damage youve been delt or chance on receiving a critical hit to give you a scar :D