Resident Evil 5 Ending A Big, Fat Cliche

Libe Goad of GameDaily writes:

"Resident Evil 5 came out on Friday the 13th, and early reports say this is the best-selling Resident Evil game ever. The game won over critics, with an 85% average on Metacritic, but we dug deep on the Web and found that fans were not happy about the game's ending, calling it "cliche" "cheesy" and the "worst.""

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Arsenic133501d ago

Cheesy, but a hell of a ride. GOTY contender.

Heldrasil3501d ago

What do they expect, it's RE? Almost every major RE ending has been identical with the rocket launcher BS. Great game, who gives a sh*t if the ending is "cliche".

cayal3501d ago

Ha I never realised the rocket launcher bit. So true.

Evildoomnerd3501d ago

One thing I've noticed differently is that this is the first Resident Evil I've played in which the last stage didn't have the time sensitive "Get the Hell out of the giant secret lab, the computer automated voice initiated the self destruct sequence!!!" Great game overall in my opinion!

cayal3501d ago

I don't recall any of them having it except #2, though I haven't played them for so long.

3501d ago
Reshun3501d ago

I was rather surprised the fact that the game didn't have its usual cliff hanger or the escape sequence under a time at the end.