Braid has been "very profitable" for creator

NowGamer: Indie dev Jonathan Blow has said that his hit platformer Braid has proved surprisingly profitable, but that his next game will be "different in almost every way"

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GiantEnemyCrab3527d ago

Considering how much he has bad mouthed MS and the XBLA it's funny to hear him talking about his profits now. His attitude twords the whole thing has left a bad impression with me and I'm not a fan.

Pennywise3527d ago

God forbid someone speaks out against MS's "rules" and regulations. He is not the only dev that has complained about XBL.

Its good to see a relatively nobody able to create a successful game and profit in a sea of big devs who eat small devs all day. nom nom nom.

y0haN3527d ago

No Pennywise the guy is a Grade-A douchebag. He was asking for help on a development area of his site and people were posting solutions and he was bad mouthing them for helping him.

Pennywise3527d ago

You know, he may be a d-bag... I am not even going to argue with that. But, There are obvious tensions between devs and MS over games for XBLA

itagaki3527d ago

I'm agreeing with Crab here. If there is any tension between XBLA and developers, I do not know. I have only seen a handfull of cases of people complaining and most of them were during when MS increased their fees to developers.

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Arsenic133527d ago

Good to see he stopped b*tching about companies being companies and not best buddies.

PS360WII3527d ago

Helps to have it cost 15 bucks rather than the normal 5-8.... still a sweet game and glad it's making him money :)

Dawn_Of_Ashes3527d ago

He is a f'n soldier of fortune. His game was nothing more than a 9.99$ game and he sold it 15 or 20$ (i dont remember how much exactly). He is one of the biggest ahole of the industry. I remember once i read something about the guy crying that he borrow money to do this game and thats why his crappy game is that price. It was not really professionnal, its like if Capcom said in a interview "we borrowed money to the bank for Resident evil 5, thats why the game is that price".

borgome3527d ago

Props to Soulja Boiiii for making such a great game.

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The story is too old to be commented.