Mass Effect 2 - What We Know

CVG: Mass Effect 2 is out there; it's been officially named, the teaser trailer has released and it's undoubtedly only a matter of time before the second part of BioWare's sci-fi saga is unravelled in full, either on the internet or in magazine land.

Before that though, let's piss in the wind a little and rummage through the interviews and PR blurbs to get an idea about the second game.

**Possible spoilers ahead then...**

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lord_of_balrogs3597d ago

The article has some nice points. I look forward to playing my most anticipated game of 2010, but really I was hoping for a 2009 release, but if they need that extra time to polish the game then I would rather wait.

Also, before the the comments get derailed with ME2 to PS3 or not let me point this out. Until ME2 is confirmed for the PS3 it's not coming. Stop arguing and wait for an official confirmation. As of this moment it's only 360 and PC.