Fallout Developer Heads-Up New RPG

inXile entertainment today announced that Jason Anderson, one of the original Fallout design team members, has joined the company as creative director for a new, unannounced Role-Playing Game (RPG) from inXile. Anderson recently left Interplay, where in his second tenure there served as creative director working on the Next-Generation MMO Project: V13.

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xuchu3500d ago

imagine a rpg with fallout's combat system and planescape:torment's story ... of course, that will never happen but i can still dream

Mike Wallace3500d ago

- Delilah, get me "V13".

- V13.

- What the f*cks "V13"?

- AH! I'm sorry y'all, I don't want to be the first nigga to die from a crossbow!

0verdrive3500d ago

i want to point out that bethesda dropped the ball with fallout3.

im sure if anyone was a fan of the first two fallout games, theyd agree with me that fallout3 was a horrible iteration of the fallout series. bethesda essentially turned a mature, intelligent game and turned it into a thoughtless pseudo rpg/shooter. there are so many clever and well thought out elements in the original games that were dumbed down for the third game. i could give you a LONG list but i doubt anyone here really wants to hear it.

that being said, i have to admit that the game provided me enough entertainment, enough to justify my purchase. but honestly the game really disappointed me, i was expecting a next gen amazing fallout experience, and fallout3 fell far short of that.

im excited that the original team, or at least one of the original guys is still in the game, and planning to make a new rpg. i hope it stays truer to the fallout roots, and not end up the disappointment that bethesda delivered.

btw, the ps3 version is NOT gimped. granted, when you put them side by side in high res screen shiots a few of the textures are slightly lower res, but in my 50+ hours of gameplay i only had one freeze and never had a stutter in frame rate, or had any textures so low res that it jumped out at me. in fact, i spent at least another 10 hours on my cousins 360 version, and i couldnt even tell the difference. the big difference is that 360 gets dlc, and the first one was lackluster anyways. plus, i doubt id spend any more money on the game than original price.

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