Electronic Theatre In-depth Review: Grand Ages: Rome

The game's Tutorial takes form as one would expect, guiding the player through the Menu System and basic commands without becoming an overly wordy introduction. The Campaign begins without so much as a suggestion of how to play, and so playing through the Tutorial first is very much advised. Asking the player to maintain a steady flow or resources for the greater goal of expansion, objectives are completed as part of the drip-feed overall progression is achieved through. Given a certain number of objectives before each Mission in the Campaign, they act to merely guide a player's ideals for the city they construct, rather than control them. Building certain amounts of specific structures, achieving a reasonable level of hygiene or amassing a military force are ambitions a player would no doubt strive for, and the necessitation of completing objectives acts more as a suggestion for the correct timing of doing as such, as opposed to forcing the player to step-outside of their own strategy.

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