GamesAreEvil Review: Sonic and the Black Knight

Sonic and the Black Knight is the latest chapter in the Sonic Team's "storybook series." Harkening back to the launch of the Wii, Black Knight follows the trend established with Sonic and the Secret Rings. If you are prepared for a traditional Sonic game consisting of collecting rings, charging up spins, and fighting Dr. Robotnik, you might be disappointed. However, if a new Sonic experience interests you, then this will be just what you are looking for. Featuring combat with shadow monsters while wielding a sword, immersive lush landscapes, and the same Sonic attitude that made him a cultural icon, Sonic and the Black Knight is worth a whirl in your Wii.

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bgrundman3501d ago

So it looks like the verdict for the game is that it is good, just not that good...

CrAppleton3501d ago

Well.. that's what the deal has been for most sonic games as of late

CrAppleton3501d ago

Ah.. I remember the good days.. Gold Sonic!

bgrundman3501d ago

If you liked those days, you should go try the DS Sonic games. They are exceptional.

killyourfm3501d ago

Well, crap. I'm just gonna go back to playing Sonic 2 on the Genesis until Sega gets it right.

BIOWARE got it right on the DS *for* Sega. (sigh)

CrAppleton3501d ago

So I hear.. I need to check that one out

bgrundman3501d ago

am I alone in thinking that the whole sonic friends clan needs to be done away with? I could live with just sonic, knuckles and Tails, thanks.

notbob3501d ago

Unless it's the Black Knight from The Holy Grail, I have a bad feeling about this...

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