Mad Catz Ships Resident Evil 5 Accesories

Mad Catz Interactive, a leading third-party interactive entertainment accessory provider, today announced it has begun shipping of a range of Capcom - licensed Resident Evil 5 accessories, aimed at complementing the game's release on the Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION 3 formats.

The licensed Resident Evil 5 accessories have been designed to appeal to the legions of Resident Evil fans and enhance the groundbreaking game play in this latest installment of survival horror.

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GiantEnemyFlop3591d ago

it will be awful like there Street Fighter SE arcade stick

kewlkat0073591d ago

I still have not gotten Sf4 because of.

BigKev453591d ago

I got my arcade stick & it rocks!

EternalMesh3591d ago

I can't tell you how many times I was in the midst of a battle against the Majini and thought to myself...

"This gameplay is pretty cool,but with maybe a console skin or a messenger bag, this game would sky rocket to game of the year."

Lol, no but seriously. I beat the game yesterday. Pretty sweet, but I wouldn't get the other stuff. Resident Evil 4 was better.

DNAgent3591d ago

Resident Evil headset? By Mad Catz?! No thanks. I think many people already learned their lesson with the MGS4 headset.

Mad Catz still makes horrible products.

farhsa20083591d ago

i love RE5 as much as the next person but damn lol, why the hell would we want this?

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