Ninja Blade better than Ninja Gaiden? New video shows off customizable Ninjas and stylish quick-time events?

GCHD has posted a new gameplay video of Ninja Blade that shows off the option to customize your ninja, and some really stylish quick time events. These are definite aspects worth mentioning when comparing Ninja Blade against Ninja Gaiden.

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dylantalon3598d ago

i'm wondering which game will look better between ninja blade and ninja guiden 2 sigma.

we all know which one will look way better and that is ninja guiden 2 sigma on the ps3.

ps. the talon stands for talented

Samususke3598d ago

I believe Sigma 2 will be the superior product, but something about Ninja Blade's over-the-top quick time events seem really fun to me. I also like the costume variety and the ability to change colors, emblems, etc. I'm not convinced fully yet, though.

GiantEnemyCrab3598d ago

So your wondering but you already know.. Riiight..

I think Ninja Blade looks better than all the NG games including Sigma.

Just one more to go.

Godmars2903597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Didn't bother to watch the video. Just did.

Graphically, they look about even. NB gets some points for costume customization, but loses some for QTE. Requiring that you use specific weapons to take down enemies.

silvacrest3597d ago

the QTE looks nice
but the gameplay does not compare to ninja gaiden

the story wont have to try hard to be better though

INehalemEXI3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

They will both be great IMO. NGS2 will be like Sigma was a highly polished NG, with all kinds of xtra's and a bit more TNA then the original.

Ninja Blade looks to be fun in its own way the demo showed a balance of QTE and solid gameplay (not highly polished combat yet still not bad).

1 will only be better then the other according to what your into. NG is still going to attract the hardcore like no other Ninja game. Ninja Blade will be the best for those that like a ninja game but are not exactly hardcore. Personaly I enjoy both types of games. I play for recreation more then I do for glory.

That said the only thing thats going to rival the satisfaction of the dismemberment finishers in NG2 is the brutality in GoW3 combat.

- Ghost of Sparta -3597d ago

Lol so now that Ninja Gaiden 2 is coming to PS3 Ninja Blade is all of a sudden "better". Ninja Blade looks awful and the demo sucked.

Mindboggle3597d ago

Wow just watching that video with all those quicktime events make me cringe....How can you put like a string of 20 quicktime events together and make it work lol

Looks terrible...Seriously Ninja Gaiden 2 on 360 looks way better than this, and im expecting Sigma 2 to look better aswell....

SaberEdge3597d ago

Funny, I just got done playing the demo of this game. Decent. Not great, but ok.

Oh, Ninja Gaiden looks a bit better than this. Both feel empty and lifeless to me though. These worlds don't feel lived in. Generic enemies, with generic backdrops.

I guess the only reason to play games like Ninja Blade and Ninja Gaiden is for the action. But they could be so much more...

Action games like God of War understand the importance of atmosphere and narrative. There is no good reason you can't have great action along with great storytelling and atmosphere.

KKanjiAnkh3597d ago

Ninja Blade was fun for what it was, but no way, is it beating Ninja Gaiden, sorry.

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Raoh3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

ninja blade didnt do to well in japan did it?

a lot of 360 owners would also have to eat crow if they like this game due to the QTE. many ps3 haters have slammed a few playstation games for QTE and ninja blade is full of QTE. last time ps3 haters were slamming heavy rain footage for QTE.

I haven't played the demo yet but i havent heard anything bad about ninja blade. but a ninja gaiden killer? why cant they both just be good games that are worth playing instead of having one kill off the other?

last time

Mike Wallace3597d ago

I think it adds a very dramatic effect to the knee-jerk gameplay. It also makes the game much more cinematic and immersive. Indigo Prophecy was pretty much all QTE and I thought it was one of the most rewarding gaming experiences that I've ever had. I sense a new genre of game coming out. Indigo Prophecy was a good forerunner for a mostly QTEgaming experience. I think Heavy Rain and Indigo Prophecy 2 will really spark a new kind of gaming experience among other companies that will appeal to a whole new crowd of gamers.

Raoh3597d ago

i dont think there is anything wrong with QTE. but many ps3 haters used QTE as an excuse to slam the ps3 and heavy rain.

edgeofblade3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

I won't bash Quantic Dreams for using QTEs. Theirs actually have a sense of motion and consequence to them that's more engaging than other implementations. That is, if Indigo Prophesy is any indication.

But NB, while fun enough, kinda gets on my nerves with QTE that have little in the way of consequences. Just rewind and try again...

Mike Wallace3597d ago

...their QTE rarely if at all impacted the flow of the game. You might be set back a few steps or you might die, but all you'd do is rewind and start again. If they made a God of War game where the QTE DID significantly impact the plot, opening up new avenues in the game, that'd be pretty badass.

INehalemEXI3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

When I played Star Wars TFU demo the first time and encountered QTE I was dissapointed. QTE definitley has to be done at the right time. If its done so it makes moments in the story that are realtime but almost like cinematic cut scenes have more depth it's good. If its interupting heated battle its not good IMO, Still I will be able to enjoy a game with these QTE's but I will feel the QTE's are just getting in the way.

I had to put up with QTE's that intruded on combat in Heavenly Sword and still Enjoyed the game. I can put up with it in Ninja Blade. If I where to rate the games the score would reflect what im having to put up with though.

Finalflash223597d ago

Touting Heavy Rain as a killer app I haven't heard them complaining about the QTE I think your confusing your fanboys I mean wasn't ninja guid considered a crap series to them before sigma seriously don't confuse xbox and ps3 fanboys one group are a bunch of annoying kids the other group should just plain no better than to be fanboys

KKanjiAnkh3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

People know Ninja Gaiden, is not a crap series, hell Nintendo had it 1st. The huge difference, between Heavy Rain, & Ninja Blade, is the QTE in HR dictates, changes, in pacing, and consequences, and story where, as NB, only rewards you with, a more damaged boss, 600 energy, and just a retread, w/no consequences.

Raoh3597d ago

i'm no gaiden fan but its not because of the game it is..

when i heard of the new gaiden (the first new gen one) i was dissapointed because it wasnt the original and/or a sequel to the original series...

its really nothing more than a hack and slash game with a popular name

if the same game wasnt named gaiden it would have been a flop

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3597d ago
sofocado3597d ago

Sigma is just a copy of NG. That is no talent

3sq3597d ago

Wow, really? I thought they were same game. :P

BLuKhaos3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

If sigma 2 runs and looks better than the rrodbox ver. then it would be safe to say Yosuke Hayashi>>>king flop himself;Tomonobu Itagaki.360 is a cake walk to work with compared to the ps3 right?

Obama3597d ago

Well NG is no longer exclusive so the bots have to pretend that NB is better.

Xbots3597d ago

HAHAHAHAHA, so true...

KionicWarlord2223597d ago

its a mixture of god of war (im just saying as a example dont jump the gun) devil may cry 4 and ninja gaiden. demo was fun

NegativeCreep4273597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

That it took away from its original 8-bit roots and just became a clone of DMC, and that Ninja Blade is what Ninja Gaiden should have been from the beginning, blah blah blah this and that.

But if the 360 version of NG 2 has ANY kind of advantage on the PS3 version (like for example, maybe exclusive DLC or something completely insignificant like a brighter main menu) they will all jump right back on the gravy train and brag of it.

F'n Pathetic isn't enough to describe those MS Butt-Buddies.

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