What Does Sony Have Against Advertising?

Loot Ninja writes:

"We've all experienced advertising from the gaming industry. Whether it's advertising from EA for the latest Madden game, Nintendo showing the happiest family in the universe enjoying each other's company whilst playing the Wii, or even from Microsoft shoving their strong exclusive titles on our televisions - we have all experienced it in some form or another. Then there's Sony's PlayStation 3; the console with far more features than the rest, sitting idly behind the back seat of marketing, stagnant in limbo shooting out advertisements far less than their competitors. You would think that the console packing the most robust multimedia capabilities and a free unified online gaming service would, in fact, be promoting the shit out of their product, right? Yea, so would I. However, that's definitely not the case.

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fishd3597d ago

The lack of advertisement is the only reason that Sony's 1st party games can't go beyond core gamers,a shame really

Aclay3597d ago

"The lack of advertisement is the only reason that Sony's 1st party games can't go beyond core gamers,a shame really"

I'm not trying to make excuses, but the majority of PS3 owners are CORE gamers, and the majority of PS3 exclusives so far (Resistance 2, Killzone 2, Heavenly Sword, Motorstorm Pacific Rift, GT5P, Metal Gear Solid 4, Uncharted Drakes Fortune, Warhawk, etc...) have mainly appealed to the CORE audience.

Sony can advertise all they want, but if they don't make the PS3 more accessible by cutting price and making it more affordable, PS3 1st party games will continue to barely make it past the CORE audience.

greyishfox3597d ago

Sony's system isn't really targeted at casual and wider markets. Those have always been add-on components to Sony (eye toy). Sony's main market is core gamers and blu-ray/home entertainment.
Are they relying on word of mouth?

drunkpandas3597d ago

Very true. While I see Microsoft and Nintendo commercials a lot, Sony is few and far between. While the hardcore gamer visiting gaming sites and forums knows, the average and casual gamer does not, which is the exactly the demographic every company needs to hit with their advertising to make their product succeed.

iiprotocolii3597d ago

The PS3 is a solid system not being given the attetion that its supposed to receive from Sony's marketing team. Yea it's selling pretty well, but let's imagine for one second how that can change with proper adverstising. A lot of their games didn't sell as well as they SHOULD have because of the same dilemma.

Raoh3597d ago

it's a damn shame too.. their lack of advertising is probably hurting them more than the actual price of the ps3.

they really do need some young blood in the company.

even when they do a public presentation it feels like they are presenting to board members and not the general public.

jamesrocks31473597d ago

the best oppertunity to promote killzone 2 which they did but not in the way microsoft promoted halo 3 if u wikipedia "halo 3 marketing" microsoft put in just under 50 million dollars to advertise it thats about how much it tok to develop the game itself where as killzone 2 got a 4 million dollar advertising campain and a 2 million pound advertising campain in the UK sounds alot of money but in advertising its nothing

sony needs to advertise there new games hard and fast as much as microsoft and nintendo does advertise ALOT sony killzone 2 was getting there but not enough

btw killzone 2 is an amazzing game

Socomer 19793597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

If they spent 1 million dollars on every ps3 exclusive for advertising then that would just take away the rate in which they come.

i dont expect sony to spend that much for every single exclusive they have. If you have a ps3 or want 1 you will buy ps3 games that are on the shelf. the internet is in my opinion the best place to advertise and its doing just fine by that standard.

i dont watch tv because im always on my ps3. people that dont have ps3 are the casual crowd & i think we all know what sony should do the appeal to them. its all about timing.

iiprotocolii3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Not too much. The point of advertising is not only to attract current PS3 owners to buying Game X. It's to attract POTENTIAL buyers. Sony, regardless of how you blindly want to see it, doesn't advertise their products well at all. The reason the PS3 is selling like it is is because of word of mouth and subpar ads. Gamers are the ones advertising it on websites like this. You can argue it all you want, bud, but anyone in the business world would tell you that marketing is key to the success of your product.

Should Sony advertise all their exclusive titles? Uh, hell yea. Exclusive titles are why people usually buy consoles for. Mutliplats are just that - multiplats. Had Sony advertised games like Heavenly Sword, Valkyria Chronicles, Killzone 2, Uncharted, and Ratchet & Clank than what they did (some of them didn't even get ads), I can promise you that their consoles would have sold better. That's what seperates each console - the ability to provide something the others don't have. They have the games and the tools to market beyond belief. They just choose not to. And it's something that could be pushing their sales forward.

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