Random Gamer's Review of Resident Evil 5

AndyGoes writes, "Resident Evil 5 is the follow-up to the ever-so-popular Resident Evil 4. In this installment, Capcom brings the two protagonists Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA) to Africa to uncover another controversy involving Umbrella Corporation. The story is well told, including important elements of foreshadowing, recall of previous events from the RE universe and dialogue between the characters..."

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JimmyJames703598d ago

This review changed my mind about getting this game. I'll give it a shot now.

CrAppleton3598d ago

Yeah.. it makes you want to play it even more

Neco5123598d ago

wow, I haven't been following the resident evil series much lately, this looks good

bgrundman3598d ago

The demo was enough irritation for me, thanks.

Heldrasil3598d ago


Don't let the demo make up your mind, this game is solid. I'd have to say I am having more fun with it than Gears 2.

Sarcasm3597d ago

I've been playing it, and it's pretty good. Just not GREAT.

There are some times when I get frustrated with the controls.

But the story and cutscenes are polished and well made it keeps me wanting to play.

poopface13597d ago

I just finished it last night and started a new game. The ending is awesome, and I think this is a great re. while it has changed aot since the last one I played(CV on the DC), I think its a great game.

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CrAppleton3598d ago

I SOOO still need to pick this up! Looks freekin amazing! I haven't been this excited about an RE game since RE2

bgrundman3598d ago

Tank controls suck! how can people still like this game?

Neco5123598d ago

I suppose the controls might be an issue for some

bgrundman3598d ago

I just think that they should quit using crappy controls as a mechanism to build tension.

CrAppleton3598d ago

Yeah, it does build tension doesn't it.. :D

Daoshai3598d ago

People complain about "Tank Controls" lol, come on thats how its always been. The controls are fine, just how it should be, this isn't Gears its RE. I love the controls and WAY WAY WAY better than Killzone 2 controls.
Anyways, the game is a lot of fun, not as spooky as I would like, but it still made me jump every now and then. Co-op is a huge boost and I can't wait to finish the game. Best game for me so far this year and I buy every single game that comes out (Still have to finish everything but killzone). RE5 just sucks you in!

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roblef3598d ago

Y'all need to read the brainy gamer post on this game. Awesome.

killyourfm3598d ago


Wake me up when it's 2009 and I can run AND shoot.

killyourfm3598d ago

Yep Neco512, L4D for the win. RE5 is full of fail.

CrAppleton3598d ago

Ok, well.. It's not that big of a problem for fans of the series who are used to it. But L4D IS bad ass!

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