FlatOut Xbox 360 Details

A brief description of the game's basic features, as follows:

"Some of the many brand new design and gameplay components featured in FlatOut Ultimate Carnage include 12 cars racing on screen up from eight in FlatOut 2, five all-new single player and two all-new multiplayer game modes over Xbox Live, over 8,000 dynamic objects per track up from 5,000 in FlatOut 2, widescreen High Definition resolution (720p), dynamic lighting and shadowing all with proper real-time environment mapping on all vehicles, downloadable content via Xbox Live, and 20,000 polygons per car up from 7,500 in the previous generation."

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HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4328d ago

EA's Burnout series.

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Double-Edged4328d ago

I remember the first one. LOL
the mini games lasted for so long!.. especially with a buddy playing multiplayer.!!!!

launching your driver to a target is extreme!!!
I hope this comes to the PS3.
This game has to come multiplatform!

Double-Edged4328d ago

I got the force feedback steering wheel!!!

Lex Luthor4328d ago

This game has more that it takes to kill motorstorm, There's nothing special at all about motorstorm, it hasn't even got offline multiplayer and the single player is shallow as hell, so if you ain't got broadband you're screwed. But flatout has a very comprehensive single player campaign with vast amounts of minigames and offline and online multiplayer to boot. That's just my OPINION. remember the word OPINION.

FirstknighT4328d ago

Your opinion is probably agreed by most except for the sony fanboys of course. Motorstorm brings the fun but only for a few days. Than it gets boring and repetitive pretty quick. Flatout looks to remedy that with an extension of features both single and mutliplayer. If this stays exclusive for the 360 than the 360 will be the best console for racers. Best car sim in Forza, Best arcade racers in PGR and Flatout. And of course the multiplatform goodness of Burnout and others.

360 all the way!

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