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cyguration3597d ago

a turn-based, RTS game is whooping Lich King's butt? Now that's news.

EvilCackle3597d ago

Redcoats > Death Knights

cmrbe3597d ago

You don't know much about the total war series.

There is a reason why i am looking forward to stormised.

FarEastOrient3597d ago

Empire: Total War is a very good game and it makes more high PCs cry than did Crysis did when it first came out. Now I have to drop another $900 to update my graphic cards and RAM chips to play this game to the max.

evrfighter3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

eh? Im playin on a 3870 on high @ 1280x1024...I havn't really tried upping the AA but I'm guessing it wouldn't fare too well. I'm bout to pickup an hd4870 as soon I can find one at $149 like ATI/Amd said they'd be at. If not then the gtx260 at $169 would suit me just fine.

what the heck kinda card are you trying to buy that's gonna cost $900...

SLI or Crossfire setup?

as far as ram goes you can buy 4gb of ddr2 for around $40...

DragonWarrior_43597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

No you dont. I have an old Dell E521. All I had was a 2.1 dual core amd and a 5600 gt and it ran perfectly. I did however spend 70 bucks on a 2.9 ghz dual core amd brisbane, and 120 bucks on a 9800GT but honestly the only difference I see is my comp is alot warmer then it was before I upgraded. I actually wish I just stuck with the 9500 GT and 2.1 ghz dualcore processor. I would save more on my electric bill.