New Virtua Tennis 2009 Screens

Sega has released a new batch of screenshots from the latest installment in the Virtua Tennis series.

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Leord3502d ago

See, original versions of sports games have generally been pretty bad. The newer generations seems to be much better.

Maticus3502d ago

Awesome graphics... just hope the game is decent too!

Fyzzu3502d ago

Virtua Tennis is AWESOME. About the only tennis game I've ever given more than ten minutes to, but so, so worthwhile. I'm really looking forward to this.

AndyA3502d ago

Yup, Topspin pales in comparison.

thetamer3502d ago

I love virtua tennis. Can't wait to play this one.

Dorjan3502d ago

Looks like they've tried to hard to me...