Smash Bros. creator promising "an experience like nothing seen before"

In February, it was announced that Nintendo was forming Project Sora, a new subsidiary under Nintendo. Not too much was said about the type of game that the company will be developing, and details are still scarce. However, Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai is promising that the studio's upcoming game will be "an experience like nothing seen before."

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mpmaley3500d ago

I'm doubting this until they show something. Nintendo used to command the respect that when they said this you could trust them but they lost that a long time ago.

Kaneda3500d ago

hype for another crappy products!!

bigjclassic3500d ago

Ive been a fan since the NES days, and they havent betrayed me yet.
As long as I get a new Mario, Zelda, Smash Bros etc. Im good.

Nintendo is traditional in every sense of the word.

Snoogins3500d ago

The Nintendo of olde was a force to be reckoned with. Now they sit proudly upon unexplained and undeserved success on a console with too few quality games, many of which are franchises Nintendo has failed to innovate but rather milk the same wrinkled teet they have since the beginning. Though it's failed to evolve significantly, I've quite enjoyed the Smash Bros. franchise and this man's confident declaration piques my curiosity. I want this to be true and to see Nintendo get off their fat lazy butts to bring us gamers something that truly screams "next generation".

kwicksandz3500d ago

Brawl was a AAA game so i have faith in the team.


Bnet3433500d ago

From "an experience like nothing seen before" he means just another waggle control scheme. Good luck with that.

ChaoticStupid3500d ago

Yeah Snoog great point... Nintendo hasnt released a simgle game this gen. People only imagined buying SSBB, MKWii, Zelda, SMG, Fire Emblem, Metroid and SPM.... You trolls just never learn.. Here is a fact for you to use in your next rant. HOpefully the next one will at least have some facts to it.., Nintendo has released their core games sooner on Wii than any other console. Meaning they've given their fans more franchises in less time... I know that will throw a wrench in your little rant about Nintendo sitting around but just sit back for 5 minutes, you can come up with something else just as uninformed to whine about.

N4g_null3499d ago

This is hilarious I know plenty of people who would love to work there right now but unfortunately they speak no Japanese. Nintendo is a force to be reckoned with LOL. They are crushing every one my self included. Nintendo just made simple games based on tried and true concepts and the public loves them.

Then you have MS and SONY struggling to get the HD to even buy any of their games. Halo sold well and I'm sure the PS3 has one game that sold that well right, well maybe not. The Wii has a few and you can try and act like they are not hard core but you all cried over blue shells LOL. If I'm winning that's the other players only hope!

Smash brother only problem was lag and I fixed that on MY END, which is cause by throttling from you ISP.

Face it you guys grew out of console gaming go and get a PC. The nintendo you want never existed because they are doing the same things they have always done. The only people that's changed are the people complaining. We all know that is their problem.

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eagle213500d ago

and he said this to none other than Mr. Iwata, so he must be confident.

ape0073500d ago

on games they nail it

hal studio,me,respect you :)

OhMyGandhi3500d ago

I have much respect for the smash bros creator, but c'mon....
I bet you 20 bucks that it's some damned gimmick, like "now you can SMELL the games your playing!!"

ChaoticStupid3500d ago

Nah so far the oly gimmicks this gen are on PS3. You know the Eyetoy, Sixaxis and gaming on a movie player.. All those poor gimmicks that fanboys flocked to and now they have all failed.

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