Rumor: Zombies in Call of Duty: MW 2's inside mole, who has been right so many times before has two new juicy tid bits regarding Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Mass Effect 2.

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Its fun with zombies and all but I hope for terrorists.

freshkid13527d ago

yup and when your on the last level you get to go against OSAMA!xD


But there is no last level? :S Its unlimited maybe after level 20 you met 1 Osama and on level 50 you fight 100 Osamas with bombs on them :)

freshkid13527d ago

they should put him in the story too like killzone instead osama could be radac idk but i think call of duty's should start having bosses... right?


Bosses like a tank or helicopter? I dont think it works with bosses in CoD but you could say the sniper in CoD5 is kind of a boss.

thomo18883527d ago

I think after Level 20 Achmed the dead terrorists come at you and they're all shouting either scilence i kill you or stop touching me!

Kushan3527d ago

I'm getting sick of terrorists in games and hearing "terrorism" this and "terrorism" that. Even RE5 brandished the term around once or twice, which in my opinion is completely out of place in the game and only thrown in there to appeal to the "Omg terrorism!" American audience that laps it up.

There are plenty of real armies out there, real dictators, real scenarios we can deal with without having to just label them as a terrorist cell. Why can't we go into North Korea? Have a war with China? Clear out some of the dictators in Africa? (I'm looking at you, Mugabe!). It's been done, it's been done to death like WW2 has, can't we move on?

rockleex3526d ago

If you have to kill waves of fanboys! >:D

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Gray23527d ago

I hope they have a new zombie mode. Zombies are rad.

Salvadore3527d ago

Why not fight waves of suicide bombers?

morganfell3527d ago

I agree. I am enjoying RE5 but this zombie in every game business is getting old and reeks of a lack of creativity.

Irish-Republican3527d ago

zombies meet ak47(the zombies run)

LeonSKennedy4Life3527d ago

If Wolfenstein can have mutant Hitler...

...why can't Call of Duty have Osama?

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The story is too old to be commented.