IncGamers Review - Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars

IncGamers' Chris Schilling looks at the latest spore offering for the Wii.

"A change in perspective can do wonders for your awareness of just how huge and scary planet Earth can be – particularly a world that's been hit by a glowing green meteorite and has turned plants and fungi into sentient lifeforms."

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Leord3591d ago

I just think the basic concept for this game is AWESOME. And then the game itself might not rock my world, but still interesting.

Well worth playing on my friend's Wii if nothing else =)

Maticus3591d ago

Sounds like The Day of the Triffids!

Leord3591d ago

Oh, that was horrible. Scary stuff.

Fyzzu3591d ago

Sounds reasonably entertaining from that review. Makes me think of Psychonauts, although that's a REALLY bad comparison to go into a game with, because I doubt anything will ever live up to that in my head.

AndyA3591d ago

Yeah, it would take a lot to live up to Psychonauts.

thetamer3591d ago

It looks sporeific. I love the idea of mad mushroom men masculating master meatballs and sporing their spores all over the world.