City of Heroes Issue 14 On Test Server

The next update for the popular MMO, City of Heroes, is available to try out on the games test server.

CoH's Issue 14 includes the new Mission Architect feature which allows players to design their own stories, played out in missions. These stories can be as short as one single mission or as many as five. They can be shared with fellow gamers who can rate them. If the developers like the story, players can be awarded with the 'Developer's Choice' badge.

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Maticus3505d ago

The Mission Architect thing looks great, I look forward to trying that on live, but I imagine there will be plenty of rubbish missions going out there lol.

Fyzzu3505d ago

That's the problem with user-created content. It's really diamond-in-the-rough syndrome, with some AMAZING stuff out there, but far too much dross that needs wading through first.

That said, I'd love to try this and doubtless add to the dross, but I think that'll have to wait until it goes live on the main servers :)

Dorjan3505d ago

Yeah user content is always 99% plant of the penis syndrome...

Leord3505d ago

Brining MMO to a truly interactive level with the missions =)

I am in love with it already. I suppose they kind of feel they have to re-invent themselves a bit when Champions Online is closing in!