Lens of Truth: Announcing Lens of Truth LIVE!

Lens of Truth writes, "We are excited to announce the newest part of our website, Lens of Truth LIVE! So what is Lens of Truth LIVE? Lens of Truth LIVE! will be an ever growing live weekly show that will be streamed to our website and will allow our members to interact with us while we are doing Head2Heads, retroSpects or just plain playing games. We figured we have a blast producing content for the site, so might as well invite everyone to sit in on some behind the scenes action.

Our first live show will be the making of the Resident Evil 5 Head2Head. You will get to see exactly how we analyze each version, debate over which is superior and how we capture the raw footage. Not to mention you will be able to toss your two cents in and ask questions. Then a few days after the show the final HD Head2Head will be posted and you can proudly say you had a part in its creation."

The first live show airs on Friday, March 20th @ 8:00pm EST.

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RudeSole Devil3527d ago

Now that something totally new. I wonder what the quility of the video is like? So now I can see my PS3 get spanked Live. Great Idea LensofTruth.

Baron793527d ago

Nice! I'll be watching for sure, got a bunch of questions for these fellas.

jaidek3527d ago

A comment from their website, "Unfortunately the stream won’t be that high resolution. Around 320×240. But if there are any huge, glaring differences we can post images to the forum in real time for everyone to check out."

RudeSole Devil3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

Thanks but maybe I should have read the post. Cool I'll be there. Now is the time for all you fanboys to defend your system and ask questions.

Ghoul3527d ago

what has gaming media become ? when a site dedicated to multiplattform comparisons is a success ?

RudeSole Devil3527d ago

Don't understand. I think it's brilliant because every comparison I've watched I always had question for them. Like what resolution are you capturing at? What settings or set on your TV and system? And finally seeing a capture session in real-time and interacting with them asking the questions I want answered seems awesome to me.

Ghoul3527d ago

your points are valid
but i questioned the trend in comparing those games. i do agree that sometimes it would be interesting in terms of controlls multiplayer etc.
but those comparisons are only fuel to the completly unnecesary rivalry in this gen.

XboxGirl3527d ago

Yea I have to disagree with you because I have been fooled by media with copy and paste reviews, when they dam well know one version is better than the other. So now there a site that actually shows differences between two supposedly identical games is a great thing when owing multiple systems.

SaberEdge3527d ago

I have both consoles and I like to know which version of a game is better, so sites like these are performing a valuable service in my opinion.

Fanboys are going to fight no matter what.

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jaidek3527d ago

Websites like this need to exist because a majority of game developers have become lazy when it comes to cross platform ports. It is an unacceptable practice that is commonplace in today's industry. Sites that do comparisons like the Lens of Truth, Eurogamer and Digital Foundry are even more relevant than before. If you own both systems why wouldn't you want to buy the better version? Sure you would.

FantasyStar3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

-Edited out-

I just noticed you submitted the article, nevermind then. Just know I will never approve nor visit this wannabe site ever again. While I agree that KZ2 looks better than Gears 2, the way Lens of Truth did it was totally unprofessional and only circulates false information. Who compares a retail to the demo anyways and expect credibility? Lens of Fail is just as bad as blogs, hosted by wannabe Journalist that probably don't even have a BA in Journalism.

Whatever. Hope they get sued by Nintendo for IP infringement.

jaidek3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

(Was writing the reply while you were editing.)
Beyond3D is a phenomenal site for the technical differences between cross platform games. But most users will be lost with all of the programming and graphics lingo. Lens of Truth takes a more user friendly approach and clearly outlines in plain English the differences. Different methodologies with the same goal. To inform users of the definitive version.

It's not my site, so I could careless if you visit. It appears they have plenty of visitors and won't miss you a bit.

XboxGirl3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

Wow LensofTruth you now need to close you doors FantasyStar will never visit again. You probably don't even know what 99% of Beyond3D is talking about.

Shogun Master3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

"Who compares a retail to the demo anyways and expect credibility? Lens of Fail is just as bad as blogs, hosted by wannabe Journalist that probably don't even have a BA in Journalism."

Seriously dude, go [email protected]*k yourself and continue submitting your wannabe news articles (that aren't yours BTW) to N4G. Like your doing anything new for the gaming community that way. Great job, you should feel really productive. Loser. Get a life.

ArthurLee3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

Wow, seven disagrees FantasyStar, your probably used to that with the utter garbage that spues from your adolescent mind to the keyboard. I'd stop now. And Phantasy Star is a terrible RPG series, no wonder it's your name! You spelt it wrong too!

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Mr Marbles3527d ago

is yet another PS3 sympathizing, excuse making, marketing arm of Sony Corp.

All they do is make excuses for PS3 when the PS3 version of games turn out looking worse than 360 versions.

That Killzone 2 vs Gears piece was a joke, every positive they pointed out looked superior on Gears, yet they pretended KZ2 was some how the better game in that comparison.

What a joke of a site, probably financed in large part by Sony.

XboxGirl3527d ago

Well the 104,562 people that viewed that engine comparison video on YouTube means nothing right? People Like you and FantasyStar fail to see the obvious and that unfortunate for you. Mr Marbles if you can't see how Killzone 2 destroys Gears of War 2 in every technical aspect is beyond me, and really shows how simple minded you are.

jaidek3527d ago

You must not have visited the Head2Head section of their site otherwise you would have seen that the PS3 is loosing by a fair margin. So there is no "excuses for the PS3". You might want to get your facts straight before opening your mouth.

SaberEdge3527d ago

From what I have seen they seem very objective. They tell it like it is.

Killzone 2 does destroy Gears of War 2 in terms of graphics, while many multiplatform games DO look somewhat better on the 360. Those are the facts. Anyone not lying to themselves knows these things to be true.

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