Heavenly Sword Screen Shot Down By Yahoo: "Not In Game But Good CG Art"

In an article by they attack the allegations of the critically acclaimed screen shot of Heavenly Sword released last week as being actual in-game footage. They are quoted saying:
"Well obviously this screen hasn't come from any proper gameplay sections, but hats off to Ninja Theory's CG artists, whoever they are for this is stunning work."

That is a bold allegation. Does yahoo know something that we dont?

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sak5004630d ago

WEll everyone knew except the die hard sony fanbois. They'll believe that ps3 will power the next space shuttle to outer space.

InMyOpinion4630d ago

As "ingame" as the E3 trailers for Killzone and Motorstorm...

Im not bashing Sony, I just hate this type of fake marketing strategies the game studios are using. Very manipulative indeed.
I mean Motorstorm looks great, why not show the real deal from start? The E3 trailer has just made people more doubtful.

TheGoodMART4630d ago

for real i neva knew dat is evun possible, believe it or not i got straight a's in 5f grade astronomy, but if dis is possible think of da possibitilies

FreeMonk4630d ago

Like a huge majority of us, Yahoo put 2 and 2 together and got four, unlike all the Sony Fanboys out there who got four hundred!

DJ4630d ago

by permission of Sony and said it was an in-game capture (just with some photoshopped blurring for the DepthOfField). When asked about the huge improvement over the recently released footage, they said "Just because that footage was released last week doesn't mean it was recorded last week. This new scan was captured just yesterday."

HighPs3v24630d ago

So what is yahoo talking about? I think they should stick to email... Which they are not even good at. GMAIL ftw

JOLLY14630d ago

Weird I would just use the engines built in camera for fov. Oh, maybe dj doesn't know that you can do that sort of stuff.

nicodemus4630d ago

In the same forum where the developer released the screenshot, he did say it was in-game, but more importantly-- that it was from a CUT-SCENE.

It's perfectly all right to expect this game to look good. But to think that this screenshot is representative of the detail you'll see while you're slashing dozens of enemies on screem, is quite a step beyond wishful thinking.

The game will look good, but not nearly at the level of its cut-scenes!

techie4630d ago (Edited 4630d ago )

Speaking to Ninja Theory - this is what they said, and I don't believe developers to lie - only Sony. They said this is an ingame shot of a CUTSCENE - but they said it's on the ingame engine. They said that their build had changed dramatically since Novemember, which is the footage we saw for the Cinematic Production trailer. A Ninja said that although this is a cutscene, they will be trying to make the gameplay nariko as good as this - at least so you can hardly tell the diffference. But that depends. But yes don't hold your hopes up.

TheGoodMART4630d ago

ey dj is yous a real dj if so me would dig a face off, i bet i can kick your batty evun wiv biggies songs

DJ4630d ago

The dev said that they wish in-game DOF was that good, and that it was a post-render effect. Obviously I know they have DOF in-game; it's simply a different in quality. You know, like how there's differing levels of Anti-aliasing?

techie4630d ago

The game does have motion blur etc. But the screen they took they then removed the background and added a blur around the edge to give the picture focus and make it look good for a desktop background for the games fans. So...

nicodemus4630d ago

The dev said it was an "in-game screen grab of Nariko from one of our cutscenes"

He never mentions anything about it being taken from the "in-game engine"

I'm not trying to split hairs here, or bash the PS3 or anything like that... All I'm saying is that PS3 owners are setting themselves up for disappointment when they actually sit down and play the game.

The in-game graphics will not come close to this level of detail -- you can see the dimples and tiny imperfections of her face for crying out loud! The PS3 is powerful, but there is a limit.

InMyOpinion4629d ago

Anyone who has played Halo 2 knows that the ingame cutscenes don't represent what actual gameplay looks like.

techie4629d ago

From the horses mouth - maybe we can leave this to rest until release.

"The DOF in-game is good but not THAT good. Better specular on the eyes is something we are working on and other techy bits to help improve the lighting response on the blend-shapes.

If these come together, then the layman should not be able to distinguish that screenshot from the final result. Fingers crossed!!!"

SO lets leave them to get on with their work - all they said is that overall it looks superior to anything we've seen so far - both gameplay and cutscenes. So that'll be good.

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StateofMind4630d ago (Edited 4630d ago )

Who goes to Yahoo for gaming news? Or any news for that matter.

Killer Cop4630d ago

What did I say?

I don't use Yahoo, and hardly even know Yahoo. lol

Violater4630d ago (Edited 4630d ago )

trying to make a name for themselves, I have already forwarded this to the HS website.
Well let the fanboyism begin, i know some people wont let this one die.
I just hope this doesn't cause Sony to pull back on releasing info for this title.
But like said already its Yahoo who isn't known as a gaming authority just seeking popularity.

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