Game Censorship in Australia - The land of the Banned

Gamer Limit writes: "On or around the 4th of February this year, a funny thing happened in Australia. Across the entire country, copies of WoW, Guild Wars, Warhammer Online and a raft of other MMORPGs were suddenly pulled off the shelves. Many were perplexed as to why this was occurring, especially since most of the titles had been available for quite a few years.

The issue was thus - previously, games that did not have offline content, as in titles that required an internet connection to play, were not required to be classified. Under the National Classification Code, MMORPGs sat in a grey space. There was no obvious path of action, no pre-determined campaign to play through. Every person who entered the online space would have a completely different experience."

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Dimly3500d ago

The Aussies can't get the short end of the stick forever.

Fullish3500d ago

Yeah we need to keep the crims under control.

Clance3500d ago

You do have amazing weather! ;o)