ZTGD Preview: Legends of Wrestlemania

Catastrophe of ZTGD writes: The Princess Bride and the lovable Andre the Giant, that is the extent of my wrestling knowledge, so having me preview a wrestling title falls under the category of cosmic hilarity. My inexperience is certainly rife with all sorts of not-smelling-what-The-Rock-is-cooking fodder, but it also proved to be an ideal litmus test for the accessibility of the latest in sweaty theatrics: WWE Legends of Wrestlemania. It is clear that Legends plays on the nostalgia of die hard wrestling fans, allowing players to compete (er, perform?) as guys like The Hulk and the aforementioned Andre, but it also uses a simplified control scheme making for a less nuanced and more cinematic take on a fighting game.

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PS360WII3505d ago

Cat playing a wrestling game... Now that's funny ;) Glad you enjoyed the other modes but yeah these type of games are not part of my gaming either

Foxgod3505d ago

They trainwrecked this game by messing it up, just like they do every year with Smackdown vs Raw.

Thq needs to fire some people over at Yukes, including the director that is responsible for this pile of doodoo.
And the one that is responsible for the destruction of the smackdown series.

ceedubya93505d ago

I love the concept behind the game, but something about the way it works just doesn't feel right. It seems as though by trying to simplify the controls for the game, they just made it more complicated.

Its obvious that a good majority of the buyers for this game will be SVR players, and doing such a drastic change was not the best idea imo. Not to mention that some of the moves (like running) don't seem to responsive when pressing buttons and moving the stick.

Actually, the formula was pretty much good to go after the N64 games. I'm not even sure why there has been so much change since then. If it isn't broke, don't fix it.