Tom Clancy's HAWX Review by GL

Gamer Limit writes: "Flying Sims. Hate em' or love em 'Well all know them, they are the big boxes hidden underneath a huge pile of games or propping up your kitchen table. With manuals with dials, meters and graphs long enough to make an aeronautical engineer out of any one. HAWX although not a hardcore sim may be propping up kitchen tables around the world very soon.

HAWX (High Altitude Warfare eXperimental squadron) puts players in the seat of David Crenshaw, An expert pilot part of the HAWX squadron. The game takes place during the events of the original Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter which puts players on the other end of the numerous bomb drops and air raids assisting the Ghosts. Shortly after assisting the Ghosts the HAWX squadron is broken up and the pilots are drafted into Artemis Global Security (AGS) a private protection agency providing firepower for whoever has the most money. This is where the HAWX story line really gains then loses its momentum. After fighting for the AGS contracts are signed with Brazil making AGS extremely powerful. Las Trinidad then launches a huge attack against Rio de Janeiro. On paper it seems that HAWX actually has quite a decent story line, and it does."

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snaz273501d ago

well what can i say apart from meh! i found it very awkward and the off system i didnt like i turned it off half way throgh that... i couldnt believe that so many people bought this! even my mate phoned me going man h.a.w.x looks awesome i was gonna get it today!... i was like wtf? have you played the demo? he said no but what he had seen of it looked ace! i was suprised but then i saw the tv advert!!! representattive of gameplay!!! and yes it looked awesome! now i understood! they lied in the advert to make it look great when its average at best! he played the demo and didnt buy it in the end suprise suprise lol

Andrew Wiggin3501d ago

Great Review, but not really into flying games

Cloud-14093500d ago

Great review, i agree with the score