Ninja Blade Demo Impressions by Gamer Limit: The New Ninja Gaiden?

Gamer Limit writes: "No. Definitely and emphatically no.

However, Ninja Blade does have some potential. I decided to give it a go last night, curious to how From Software and Microsoft Games Studio's take on the modern ninja in Tokyo could be any different than Ninja Gaiden. Which, I found pretty quickly, that the protagonist Ken, which seems to be a constructed rival against Ryu Hayabusa, is much different. Not only does he have a token black guy as his helicopter pilot, he has the stereotypical master that is the only one who speaks with a Japanese accent, and a team full of ninjas that sound as if they just got out of the suburbs."

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Andrew Wiggin3503d ago

This is only half a game, half quick time event

Fullish3503d ago

Nothing wrong with quick-time events

Dimly3503d ago

The game is very fun, but it feels like a last gen game with a shinier coat of paint

Cloud-14093502d ago

Never reaally got into Ninja games, might try out Ninja Gaiden Sigma.