Suikoden Tierkreis Ships In The United States

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars wasn't the only big Nintendo DS game released on March 17th. Konami announced on Tuesday that Suikoden Tierkreis, the first installment in the RPG series to be exclusively released on the DS, had shipped to retailers in the United States.

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Baka-akaB3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Tss, that fake suikoden can die for all i care .
It's a pity , if it doesnt work , wich will probably happens , Konami could use that as an excuse to be scared of doing a PS3/360/Wii real suikoden ...

And on the other hand , if it works , we'll get more of that spin off crap .

PS : got nothing to do with the platform , even though i'd much prefer a home console version .
The problem here is how little link it got with the suikoden games , and how lame it is (i'd say it's only above suikoden IV)

EvilCackle3597d ago

At the very least, they could re-release Suikoden II on PSN/XBL.

Lucreto3597d ago

I got the game today and it is a bit like Chrono Trigger but with alternate dimensions than time travel. I am enjoying it.

Jellzy3597d ago

Having played through most of it already i can tell you now, that although it doesnt have anything to do with previous installments story wise, its gameplay is just as gd. The whole castle building, and collecting 108 stars etc. is all there. My only problem with the game is tht its a little easy.

A new console installment would be nice though. Or even simpler for them would be if they'd try and give us the Suikoden I+II remake/port tht our jap friends got on there PSP 2 YEARS AGO!!!

Baka-akaB3597d ago

Well it's "happening" seing how they released the first already on PSN