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KionicWarlord2223499d ago

wow uno rush....dishwasher i want.

caffman3499d ago

dishwasher on the xna and uno rush on a disc from the oxbm. Both are worth 800

GiantEnemyCrab3499d ago

Where is that SouthPark XBLA game they announced last E3? Been almost a year and not a peep about it. Weak list right there imo.

KionicWarlord2223499d ago

oh i think this is the update dates when they release so south park release date will be updated too.

Xbox is the BEST3499d ago

out the classics from the 8 & 16-bit era. Final Fight 1 & 2, Bad Dudes, Super Dodge Ball, Contra III to name a few.

Freak of Nature3499d ago

Loadrunner,it's about time,I have been waiting for it quite sometime now. 200 levels plus addictive gameplay.Good news for me.

Cajun Chicken3499d ago

Oh, I thought Arkanoid Live was due here, actually is that out yet?

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