Nintendo: Game Over? Time To Sell, Deutsche Bank Says

Has Nintendo (NTDOY.PK) run out of new levels to play?

Deutsche Bank analyst Satoru Kikuchi this morning launched coverage of the video game company with a Sell rating, asserting that profits are likely to "peak and decline after growing on the success of the Wii and the DS." He asserts that earnings could "return to past levels if the company fails to come up with new blockbuster platforms."

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resistance1003501d ago

Sounds about right. You can see the signs in Japan already

ChaoticStupid3501d ago

Wii sales in Japan are still not as bas as they were for Sony for over 2 years... Dont you think its kinda stupid to say Nintendo should move on after only 2 weeks of bad sales? Sounds like Someone is just letting their fanboy dreams get ahead of them. Nintendo isnt going anywhere. The day MH3 releases they'll be right back on top again.

FinalomegaS3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

DQ X...

New wii color

Wii resort

price cut...

crck3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

@1.1 Wii sales in Japan have been trending down for over a month and a half and sales are down 60% in Japan this year compared to a 11% drop for the PS3 while the 360 has actually seen a spike this year. That is not 2 bad weeks of data. Are you sure you weren't talking about yourself with that fanboy comment?

As for Monster Hunter 3 it has yet to be seen if the success on the PSP can be replicated on a home console. Monster Hunter and Monster Hunter 2 did not sell nearly as well on the PS2 as it did on the PSP. It can simply be a title that does well on a handheld but doesn't make much of a splash on the home console like the Pokemon games.

DQ 10 will sell a buttload but who knows when it will be released as 9 hasn't even come out yet. It could be late 2k10 or 2k11 before DQ 10 comes out. Bringing that game up is like bringing up FF13 VS for the PS3. Its so far off there's no real point in even mentioning it right now.

FarEastOrient3501d ago

Deutsche Bank is slow, I already sold all my shares in Jan after the explosive sale of Wiis in December and after seeing the huge drop in Jan. Come on Deutsche Bank, gotta maximize returns!

Mahr3501d ago

Japan is nice and everything, but relative to the whole of the global market, it's kind of inconsequential.

N4g_null3500d ago

WOW I hope people take their advice and the stock falls. I still kick my self for not buying any. I knew they would get new customers but never though the same people that hated game console would love it.

Once things really hit the fan the hardcore developers will find a home here, well more of them. The same happened with the DS, it had a slump also and the PSP fanboys went crazy. The DSi was not suppose to sale either but the amount of games coming to it is crazy.

If the PS3 price drop does not work as planned. which means it opens the door to main stream buyers then they will still leave. It's only business. There are lots of things coming that will bring the Wii back up in japan. They are getting hit pretty hard from the recession also. NEW games equal sales in japan and they have every thing we are waiting to get. Also with the next dragon quest coming it would be super stupid to sell s your stocks now. Once the economy comes back they will be the next google I'm betting.

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twoface3501d ago

Wouldn't agree about the DS, but Wii indeed seems fizzling out

resistance1003501d ago

True, plus with the DSi hitting very soon, the DS will continue to have strong sales.

FinalomegaS3501d ago

I remember the DS had same issue as the wii, touch Gen games mostly brought that to stardom then the user base was there and 3rd parties jumped on it.

Why is it so different for the wii, it looks like it's doing just what the DS did but it's actually selling better in the eastern side, maybe the adoption of this type of game play takes time, or the market is affecting it more in Japan than the east.

Whatever the case I'm sure Nintendos President is fully aware of the situation, maybe a price cut ...

SpoonyRedMage3501d ago

I think a bigger concern is about the next generation. Can Nintendo strike gold again?

An approximate probability is 3/5. However many are annoyed with Nintendo this gen, how will this affect their next console?

The next handheld should be a success but I could see Sony doing a coup using their multimedia capablities and manipulating the media to gain the upper hand.

KionicWarlord2223501d ago

no one has ever "truly" beat nintendo in handheld sales in the end of the handheld war. nintendos name is a favorite to its fans.

SpoonyRedMage3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

I know, Nintendo rules the handheld market but if anyone could manipulate the media, it's Sony. Sony could easily ensure excellent press for the PSP2 and horrible press for the DS2.

EDIT: Not that they will, but they could.

heroicjanitor3501d ago

When have Sony ever gotten anything but bad press? The media has been on their back for years now.

CBaoth3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

What, like have more doomsday articles about the PS3, the PSP, the demise of Blu Ray, and their audio/visual divisions since 2005? Methinks you got the wrong company bub.

SpoonyRedMage3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

I'm talking about the real media, not Fanboys who happen to have a blog.

Out of the three companies Sony has the most control over the media, Nintendo has the least.

Sony have never had any terrible press from the real press, they have had a lot of complaints about contraversial things(Rootkits and that). They've never had anything to the extent of the RRoD though or even the perception that Nintendo betrayed Hardcore gamers.

EDIT: Plus I'm only saying they could, they haven't yet and I hope they never do, because that would be dirty.

CBaoth3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

but the first time I ever heard about the class action lawsuit regarding the PS2 (DRE) and its eventual settlement was through CNBC and CNN. More recently I seem to recollect the beating they took from their lithium battery packs recall. I first learned of that recall through the NY Times. Both situations Sony deserved the public criticism. But I just don't see how a Japanese company has that much influence on either the US or EU media. Bubbles for the civil conversation. We'll just have to agree to disagree.

EDIT: Sorry people we're completely off topic here.

SpoonyRedMage3501d ago

Yup we will. Although this gen Nintendo does have the best press from the mainstream media, mainly due to their wider appeal and family friendly image.

It also wouldn't be the first time Sony exploited the media.

..But I doubt they'd even try to pull something like that again.

We are off topic as well but that's just the flow of the comment section, we're not wildly off topic either because Sony is the biggest threat to Nintendo right now and they could easily usurp them.

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Father Murder X3501d ago

I mean with the price already being so low I don't think that that would help.

Andras843501d ago

insted of consoles.

Let the console manufaturing be done by the big boys (MS, Sony)

gumgum993501d ago

I can't give an exact source on it, but I remember Nintendo once saying that if they fail in the hardware market, they wouldn't become a third-party. In fact, they would drop out of the business entirely.

besides, Nintendo is known for their innovative hardware. If they became a software company, than it will be back to square one, ala gamecube.

Andras843501d ago

Like the N64 and the GameCube? :)

I know what you mean...the Wii. You are right about that though.

n4f3501d ago

yes n64 were innovative they bring joystic and rumble feature to the market.

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