Runes Of Magic Beta Closed Down

Frogster has closed down the beta for its free to play MMO, Runes of Magic, in preparation for the game's launch tomorrow.

All servers have been taken down, along with the official website and forums. However, the patch server remains up so that players can update their clients in time for the opening tomorrow, 19 March. Players are advised to download the client as soon as possible to avoid a rush when the servers open.

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Leord3499d ago

Oh, this is very interesting. The game is very similar to WoW, it seems, and FREE!

It wil lbe very interesting to see if they manage to hold up.

Dorjan3499d ago

Good luck for tomorrow Frogster!

Maticus3499d ago

Finally, seems this game has been on beta forever! Nice that we get to keep our characters from the beta, just a pity we gotta start over.

Leord3499d ago

You do? That's unusual for any game that you get to keep your characters!

That's really cool, too bad I never played the beta...

Fyzzu3499d ago

I think I'll give this a whirl tomorrow. Good luck to the devs; from what I hear they've done a sterling job.

ud3499d ago

Until they "Balanced" the game, or so they say. Now for instance groups, you need a Knight, a priest and a Mage. The other classes got nerfed and are just secondary and have no specific role. It's a shame really, the game was fine before :\