PS3 price cut evidence: perfect for GDC '09

Gamezine: The evidence is growing for an imminent PlayStation 3 price cut and GDC '09 would be perfect time to announce it.

The industry is waiting for a PlayStation 3 price cut, and hoping that Sony was able to make some kind of profit on the system in the fiscal-2008 year and is now finally ready to move into 2009 with a bang.

The timing in itself would be a sign to publishers and developers that the PS3 is still a legitimate player in the console race, instead of a luxury high-priced item. You mustn't underestimate this; what better time to give concerned publishers exactly what they want?

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ape0073499d ago

gdc 2009 about sony and ms

Ico 2?
alan wake?
home,FW updates?

im very very exited about gdc

SiLeNt KNighT3499d ago

i think sony will announce a smaller chipset in new PS3's, much of which will decrease the manufacturing cost hence passing it on to consumers = a price cut. a while back they bought out that factory (toshibas i think) in order to start producing smaller nm chips. this is perfect timing to add a new couple sku's with the new components.

they neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed to advertise the price cut though or its effect wont be as great as it should. dont be vein in this matter sony. $299 will sell a sh!t ton of consoles. handle business!

"$299 are you outta your mind???"

Naucious3499d ago

I personally dont think it needs one, just people being cheap for a great console. I understand that some cant afford it due to situations that they are facing so i expect "if there is a price drop" that they get a even more dumb down version maybe one without blueray idk....

With a price cut I do believe that there will be an increase in sales and that will only happen if theres great advertising behind it...

Im sure theres a lot of PS2 owners still waiting to turn next gen and with that price cut they might leap especially if its backwards compatible...

bottom line sony get er done!!!

xwabbit3499d ago

I hope they show a new firmware update :o

ape0073499d ago

I agree sony NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED to advertise the new price cut

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jams_shop3499d ago

Well all this talk about the PS3 price cut is making me believe that indeed there's a price cut to announce soon.

techie3499d ago

The more you think it, the higher chance of it coming true. "Chocolate fudge cake, chocolate fudge cake, chocolate fudge cake..." BOOM *turns into a chocolate fudge cake* "That's not what I meant! Wahh!"

MicroSony4Life3499d ago

are hurting Sony real bad, I have a friend that wants a PS3 but has been waiting on the price cut for a while now.

Jack Meahoffer3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

This article just takes the garbage rumor about some EB Games employee and tacks on "Its a great time". Well last Christmas "was a great time too" and it didn't happen.

Prior to this fruity EB Games employee rumor the rumors were saying around June. If the cut doesn't come for a few months all theses rumors are just goin to hurt sales in the short term.

Hype is NOT your friend.

thats_just_prime3499d ago

There is no evidences of a price cut. Facts are the only evidences we have about a price cut says there is no price cut planned and comes striaght from sony. Not a forum run by fanboys that just make up stuff as they see fit.

Sony lost 1.65 biilion dollars last year(thats the number given by sony their self) it still cost more to make a ps3 then they are selling them for. So could they afford to cut the price even if they wanted too ?

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SoapShoes3499d ago

It says there's evidence, where is the evidence?

techie3499d ago

All the listed, including the linked article (it's the end of the fiscal year, so Sony can cut the price at the end of March) As well as the fact that GDC '09 is the perfect time for Sony to announce a price cut

Nineball21123499d ago

Haha... Gotta love Foghorn Leghorn.

Bubbles for having good taste! :-)

miasma3499d ago

maybe the next firmware update will make the PS3 an ATM :)

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