NZGamer: Machinarium Preview

NZGamer writes: "Most of us here at NZGamer have a bit of a soft spot for adventure games - everything from Hotel Dusk to Grim Fandango. But while we could talk your ear off about our love of the Adventure Game, there are still several aspects of the genre that hinder its ascension over the rest.

The worst culprit of all is the inventory-based puzzle scenarios, where your character has to wander all over the world, picking up seemingly random items in order to combine them with other random items, in order to get past a puzzle block. Some of the combinations were so ridiculous it just got to the point where you wouldn't even bother thinking about how to beat the block, but you'd instead open your inventory and start trying out combinations."

The Good: Stunning artwork and a fresh take on point and click gaming.

The Bad: Having to wait for the release date!

The Ugly: We're guessing these are going to be some tricky puzzles.

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