Isn't it Time to Just Enjoy the Games?

Loot Ninja writes:

"One thing I'll never understand is the vicious loyalty one has for a specific video game system. I mean, I get it. It's basic human nature to try and feel superior to others for whatever reason. It's all about our innate sense if inadequacy we feel towards ourselves, even if we don't realize it. Some quarrels here and there are expected of course. But to the degree we've seen these days? Really?"

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Muggles3598d ago

I have more games than I can keep up with and with 2009's releases, there won't be enough hours in the day. The beauty of competition.

drunkpandas3598d ago

Definitely true. I'm still trying to play all of Holiday 2008's amazing titles while mixing in the 2009 games. Tons of great stuff that you miss if you're a major fanboy. Bubbles for you.

creatchee3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

You missed the point of this article. It's not about competition - it's about people who support a particluar console so much that logic and reason become non-existant in their ideas and arguments.

Muggles3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

My point was that it's ridiculous to be a fanboy; it's the competition in the industry that's giving us all these great games. I guess I should have elaborated a little more. I agree with the article. No one should wish a system would fail in the marketplace. It's the competition that keeps the great games coming as each manufacturer tries to outdo the others.

rockleex3598d ago

More weed. Like back in the 60's! >:D

Flower Power! ^_^

Bnet3433598d ago

"One thing I'll never understand is the vicious loyalty one has for a specific video game system. I mean, I get it. It's basic human nature to try and feel superior to others for whatever reason."

Come on man, people don't get that, are you serious? This happens throughout everything. Coke vs. Pepsi, Honda vs. Toyota, pie vs. cake, Yankees vs Red Sox, Celtics, vs Lakers, etc. What's not to get? People need common sense lodged into their heads. There is vicious loyalty for everything.

Perjoss3598d ago

the smart gamers own all consoles from the current gereration, because they would hate to miss out on a part of gaming history. Personally I could not imagine missing out on games like mario galaxy, gears of war or mgs4, no no, thats not going to happen. Obviously some gamers will not be able to afford 3 consoles + games, but this does not mean they have to adopt a negative attitude and 'pick a side'.

fanboyism in my eyes is just rediculous.

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II Necroplasm II3598d ago

What type of troll games you got on there?

Eiffel3598d ago

Trolls don't play games nor own them they let their console collect dust. While they sit at their computer between hours glorifying a piece of hardware they have yet to even use.

fiercescuba3598d ago

Any capitalistic market is driven by competition. That is what keeps prices down, product value high, and new innovation.

If we had one system, there would be higher prices, less choices and therefore a diluted market.

Thank you NYU Business School.

table3598d ago

no kidding sherlock...

ChickeyCantor3598d ago

What is up with all the sudden "LETS PLAY GAMES FORGET THE WAR" articles?

drunkpandas3598d ago

Fanboyism is just pointless and it's gotten to level higher than ever seen in video games (more so than the SNES/Genesis days).

ceedubya93598d ago

Its better than the constant flame bait, sales numbers, and Killzone 2 reviews that come up every day (No knock against Killzone 2, but we really don't need another review, there are plenty already).

Most descent stories end up being lost in the shuffle of all the crap because most people want to play war and take cheap shots at the other consoles.

christian hour3598d ago

Yeah and I think we have the internet to thank for this. More and more people have internet access now than ever before, so fanboys appear to form in larger numbers now that they have places for their voices to be heard. Even if nobody listens to them, it doesn't stop them.

I don't think nothing will ever stop them, well until they grow up, get a job, and can afford to buy more than one console, then they'll probably stop been jerks, well hopefully the majority of them, there is the occasional 20 something year old fanboy who still just won't let it go... probably because he's still living in his parents basement.

drunkpandas3598d ago

100% agree and bubbles for you!

Too many times interesting and quality articles get quickly buried by fanboy drivel and sensationalist headlines that do nothing but cause flame wars.

ChickeyCantor3598d ago

I don't disagree on that, my point was rather that i have seen more recently in such a short time span...
Its as if one guy throws a topic and all article writers have a contest on who can write the best article.

We need more positive articles indeed, but to suddenly see so many is just weird.

iiprotocolii3598d ago

because it's pointless debates ruining the validility of news and entertainment. Constant "Console X is doomed" articles have been contributing to nothing more than petty arguments and nonsensical discussions. Why not write about something less bias and more in the middle?

Each console brings their strengths and weaknesses to the table. Nowadays, however, a large percent of the games made are on both consoles. The same games are being argued over because of console alliances, which is just stupid. Play the game. Enjoy the game. A console is just the hardware running it. In the end, the game's are all the same.

ChickeyCantor3598d ago

LOL i guess people mistook what i said.

The amount of articles with such topic are suddenly rising.
Hey i'm all in for this positive stuff...
It's just that...ugh nvm, let me just say i didn't mean it like that, seeing how you guys replied.

ceedubya93598d ago

Maybe some people are just getting tired of the same old stuff on here and decided it was time to put something on that was a little more happy :).

Nah....its probably just a fluke! This place will be back to form in no time. LOL.

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peeps3598d ago

I just don't see what people gain from defending 1 device and 'bashing' another. I bought both a 360 and a ps3 because there's games i wanna play on both, but it seems some people refuse to touch their 'rival' console.

OK you may only own 1 console because the games on a different console don't appeal to you. Obv nothing wrong with that and it would be stupid to say all 1 console owners are biased fanboys. But why some people have to defend their chosen console and throw hate towards the competition is beyond me.

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