Videogamer Review: SOCOM: Confrontation

VG writes: "Considering SOCOM spearheaded Sony's online gaming charge with the PlayStation 2, and continued to set the quality bar throughout the series' life on PS2 and PSP, we expected great things from its debut on PS3. Previous games had included a story-led campaign and an online component, so SOCOM Confrontation's move to online only got a lot of people very excited. Surely a series known for its superb online play would only get better if the focus was placed entirely on this aspect? So you'd have thought."

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solidworm3505d ago

enjoying this game much more than the reviewer is. It actually takes some skill to be succesfull, a nice change after all that cod4/5.

mugoldeneagle033505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

1) It takes a lot of skill/getting used to. If your average at shooters and think the 3rd/1st person camera is the only thing that's different your in for a big suprise

2) It also takes TIME. You wont appreciate the game unless you play it for about a month, and you also won't get better.

3) It's definetly clan orientated. Your going to have more fun playing with friends than by yourself

But I think a majority of new comers don't think that. They think it's "just another shooter" and it's not. Then again I also think Sony might have made a mistake giving Slant Six the reigns to one of their biggest franchises. Yes they were framiliar with Socom, yes they did listen to the fanbase (although not as much as they should've) but I don't think they knew just how big of a deal Socom is to us (loyal Socomers).

Anyways, it's a good game, and a good value if you buy the headset bundle.


Socomer 19793505d ago

RESPAWN rooms and Ranked rooms are 2 different beast.
ranked is a very serious gut wrenching, intence, frustrating to the boiling point of rage. while respawn rooms are very fun and exciting.

i bet you really like the proxy mic right?
isnt it great to hear your teamates and enemies off comm and it sounds right?!?

its best to join up with a clan for ranked rooms and really try to win games in respawn rooms by encouraging the team. I personally love socom confrontation!

SoapShoes3505d ago

Confrontation is not really any worse than previous Socoms and it is better than S3 and Combined Assault. I mean sure it sucked at first, but they fixed the lag. Did everyone forget about Socom 2's massive amounts of glitches, hackers, and bugs?

Although Slant 6 really did drop the ball and the game still doesn't include features that were promised since the launch, I'll just be happy for when the DLC arrives(late).

Socomer 19793505d ago

there is only 1 game that is competing for my heart & time & thats metal gear online!
with the addition of raiden & the huge maps its making me into a diehard mgo player.

Socom is way better than previous socoms imo.
I really can't wait for more weapons & maps.

Omg you guys don't even know how much love I have for these 2 games.
My life could end right now & I'll die happy knowing that I played both these games.
I've been waiting for stuff like this forever. Its the thinking mans shooters.

There's no better feeling than switching these discs everyday & topping it all off with killzone 2.
its shooter heaven .

Socomer 19793505d ago

thinking about socom is getting my blood pumped.
there's a taunt I like to use where the commando says:
I just did your team a favor. LOL its so personal!

Taking out multiple moving targets is a incredible feeling.
taking sniper positions with a silenced dragonov & communicating with team members about
targeted enemies gives you so much control over a situation that means a win for your troop.

Teaching run & gunners with sub machine guns & light machine guns a lesson with a shotgun to the chest by a patient soilder. Blowing up a bomb planting enemy by your weapons stash with a well placed clamore is humiliating as is dancing over thier fried bodies.

Having a 3 on 1 manhunt & whistling to give audio cues to trap your pursuers, popping smoke & a flashbang grenade & finishing all 3 killers in 1 clip.

Only in socom.