Rumor: Wii Shipments Top SNES Shipments Worldwide. NES to Fall in September?

Wii shipments worldwide stand at roughly 50 million units through March 14, 2008. Nintendo only shipped 49.1 million Super Nintendo consoles in the 1990s.

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ape0075568d ago

nintendo is burying it's name as a hardcore company

nintendo name is now known as a casual\family\toy like machine


now if nintendo serve us all,hardcore and casuals....

mint royale5568d ago

make you come up with that conclusion?

The casuals bringing about the huge sales? Come on don't think the the 130m that bought a ps2 were all hardcore. The casuals are always the majority with big selling consoles.

ChickeyCantor5568d ago (Edited 5568d ago )

" nintendo name is now known as a casual\family\toy like machine "

Always have been and always will be, don't pretend it was any different.
"hardcore" gamers just put more accent on it this gen to pretend they are let down and go emo about it saying Nintendo abandoned them.

Reality is different my friend.
Nintendo is serving all, cause if they used to make "hardcore games" then please consider the fact that all their games were aimed at " casual" gamers too.

Remember now, Miyamoto said in his interview that he always made games, with himself, his family and friends in mind.

Also the Ps2 would have never reached such high numbers if it wasn't for the casual gamers.

ChaoticStupid5568d ago

Nintendo does serve all types of gamers. Just not jaded Sony gamers that try to act like Nintendo fans. Which pretty much leaves out 99% of N4g since most of the people on this site only act like Nintendo fans.

Like you for example. You have DK avatar, but you've never said anything good about Nintendo. You try to act like a Nintendo fan in order to justify your hate but its obvious from your posts that you really know nothing about them.

Sidar made a grat point. Nintendo was always for everyone. They never went for a market they do not even recognize. Notice Nintendo always speaks about the "Core". They do not mean hardcore gamer like SOny fans think. They mean their core gamers. The real gamers that have been with them since the beginning.

ape0075568d ago

nintendo snes,n64 and gc sales were based on some of the most amazing hardcore games ever

DKC,smw,super metroid,zelda:lttp\oot,ge007,b anjo kazooei,perfect dark64,star fox snes\64,pikmin,conker,majora's maks,turok1,2 and 3,shadow man,jet force jemini,dk 64,banjo tooei,bettle adventure racing(one of the best racing games ever imho)

yoshi's island\story,super mario rpg,paper mario 1 and its steller sequel thousand year door


now...it's all wii play,wii sports resorts,wii music,reggie\cammy dance,doing silly stuff that make any true hardcore gamer PUKE myamotto jump like a 10 year old,ds airport\cooking\kitchin game

im still have hope in nintendo,zelda:TP and smg are some of the most amazing games ever created,nintendo got a lot of money now,zelda.mario and metroid teams are here to stay

PREDICTION:wii 2 will have both casual games and amazing hardcore games with hd graphics and full online component,trust me

Bengoshi-San5568d ago


"Nintendo does serve all types of gamers." Really? In what sick, demented, up-side down world are you living in? Name 5 games that nintendo has to offer someone who is 24? Let me think.. hmm..... hmm... wait.. NOTHING.

"Nintendo was always for everyone." The keyword here is WAS, not IS. There were plenty of NES/SNES titles that were oriented more towards skilled gamers and older adult gamers. The Wii fails on that front, and you know that.

You my friend are so wrong on so many levels you have absolutely no friggen idea how wrong you are. Nintendo is all about market, market, market. They cater to audiences between the age of 5 to approximately 15. In addition to that, they cater to women between the ages of 18 and 26. All Nintendo has done with the Wii is hire an excellent group of marketing associates and let them get to work.

The Wii is essentially a GameCube in a slimmer case with a gimmicky controller.

I dont have time to jump deeper into this stupidity, but get your facts straight, Nintendo is all about their young audience and marketing their product really well.

ChickeyCantor5568d ago (Edited 5568d ago )

Again those "hardcore" games you seem to be naming were all meant towards a casual audience too.

Wii-franchise it seems its a success, why can't others have something for ones why is always that people think it should be about them?

Also a prediction? You are ruling out "hardcore" games already while you havn't even seen the new games from Nintendo.
So you have a mindset like that already i really don't see how you can "predict" it will have great "hd" games with great online.
If you don't believe in it now then why even bother to believe in it with their new console?

" Nintendo was always for everyone." The keyword here is WAS, not IS"
No its "IS", i don't see how people can cry about things like Wii-fit while they delivered games that we all expected.
Did they not deliver Mario? a Metroid? Zelda might be a GCN game but it was still made by Nintendo.
The likes of you just overreact seriously.

" Nintendo is all about market, market, market"
Hey genius, are you telling me that a company blindly comes up with something and then sells it to no one?

" The Wii is essentially a GameCube in a slimmer case with a gimmicky controller."

So its a Gamecube? yeah lets rule out GAMES that actually are fun to play because its a gamecube....
seriously what was your point?

"I dont have time to jump deeper into this stupidity",
Yeah please don't, seriously.

"but get your facts straight, Nintendo is all about their young audience and marketing their product really well"

Like they always were? so why cry that the other system are real systems and this is gimmick? Because Nintendo makes Kid friendly games? O boy...yeah please stop with the stupidity.

Ever seen the nes boxart? I hope you have, maybe then you will realise how "right" you are about this "fact".

Main_Street_Saint5568d ago

before they ever entered the console market back in the 80's they were a toy company from 1966 to 1975 where they started in the video gaming market by distributing the magnavox Odyssey console.

ape0075568d ago (Edited 5568d ago )

Again those "hardcore" games you seem to be naming were all meant towards a casual audience too"


thoses games I mentioned have amazing gameplay,multiple levels,long quests,,complexity,characters, story,unforgettable soundtrack,humor,challenges,up grades,bosses,temples,,caves ,collecting stars in mario each star has its own amazing pace\feeling ,moves,geners,shooting,multipl ayer,replay value,difficulties,cut scenes,endings ETC....

omg sidar,some of the games I mentioned may appeel to casual craowd but THEY HUNGER THE "HARDCORE INSTINCT" I MENTIONED ABOVE wii music,fit,carnaval games and all the crap sucks,simple,silly,gimmick,DO YOU COMPARE ALL OF THESE "HARDCORE ELEMINTS" TO THESE STRAIGHT,SILLY GAMES THAT HAS NOTHING TO OFFER.......... talking about a stuck wii fanboy

ChickeyCantor5568d ago (Edited 5568d ago )

" wii music,fit,carnaval games and all the crap sucks"

SO nintendo makes carnaval games?

Like i said Miyamoto makes games, to an audience where he is part of.
He makes games forhimself to enjoy them, thats what he said countless of times.

You still don't get that Nintendo is still doing the same thing.
Mario galaxy was a good game with a well made design.
Zelda had the best storytelling than any other zelda game.
Metroid prime was completed with the controls.

Calling me a fanboy? Please ape, don't be a fool.
Nintendo made all those games towards a casual market too, not a "hardcore" market.
Thats what you don't get, you pretend they are different.

Again you are ruling out the games they havnt even shown yet and you cry about carnaval games.

The pathetic part is that you do not wan't other people to enjoy a game like carnaval games if they actually enjoy it. No its all about ape ape ape!
congrats for being so arrogant and selfish.

If they bring out starfox or F-zero or whatever they always made you will go : OMG NINTENDO HAS CHANGED TO THEIR NORMAL GAME! I LOVE THEM etc etc.

Double standards, Don't go there.

ape0075568d ago (Edited 5568d ago )

every true nintendo fan is upset with nintendo's current state

but in my deep deep heart,I know they have amazing talent,I said that cause I love them so much

I will never forget nes,snes,n64 and some of gamecube,as long as I live,memories,unforgetable moment

I love nintendo,and that explanes why I go back and forth"OMG NINTENDO HAS CHANGED TO THEIR NORMAL GAME! I LOVE THEM etc"

I hope for star fox wii and f-zero game and smash bros dev said that something is unique coming too,im starting to get pumped

"no,it's all about ape ape ape"

lol that cracked me up

ChickeyCantor5568d ago

If you are actually positive about Nintendo in the end, then why get bothered by a thing like carnaval games or Wii-fit.

Let the casual people have their share, as we get ours.

I seriously don't understand your feelings towards nintendo.

Also for your information I'm actually bothered by many things Nintendo does. But as far as games go they havn't changed.
Their main franchise are in the make, saying otherwise is nonsensical.

N4g_null5567d ago

Ape every true nintendo is not upset with what nintendo made. I loved Excite truck and how hard it was, Mariokarts return to true race brawling and skill, Paper marios adult jokes and long quest, metroid hardcore like skill requirement with great graphics and design, SMG push to get platforming in 3d right and fresh, The bring back of donkey kong jungle beat which is a real 2d classic also, wario's 2d game, the fact that they have almost all classic consoles on their VC serives.

ON top of that I got bored with TP:zelda and went back to playing the older ones. I also like the fact that Wii sports opened gaming back up to my family again.

I don't think I will like the next 3d zelda unless it has motion+ game play. If you are 24 and zelda in a dark setting is all you want then you are sad. Also try beating F zero GX or the one before before you ask for a new one, because when it comes it may be a little too hard for such a casual gamer.

From my point of view every one wants to be working for nintendo right now. They let you come up with new things yet if you just want to make normal maps then maybe you should do PC stuff?

Also too it's not possible to feel grown up playing video games, your life is there for that. Game are for every one and they are here for you to play not express you adult hood.

Gaming as sport has it's place also and gaming as a narrative is pretty weak right now on all fronts. The business model is not set up for it.

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IWentBrokeForGaming5568d ago

that SNES had... Wii has become the shovelwear capital for games, thus why mine has spent most its life time in the box... till THANK GOD, Mad World came out... now my $250 investment gets more use that it hasn't seen since either like Mario Kart or SSBB... which is sad I don't remember what game I bought for my Wii before Mad World. I can count all the good games I own for my Wii all on 1 hand and that is sad...

nerubii5568d ago

so its fraction now instead of percentage. lol.. whats next? ratio? how about graph? pie chart?

ceedubya95568d ago

but I still can't bring myself to pay 250 for it. I think i'll get a DSi before this. But, maybe I can find a good one that is used. There's a few games on the console that I know I can play with my wife.

kevnb5568d ago

I thought it was already well know that the wii is Nintendos most successful console yet sales wise.

mint royale5568d ago

this is an excellent milestone for nintendo. Well done to them. NES next then it can have a go at the ps1 christmas 2010 and then onto the Gameboy and beyond!