20° Casual or Hardcore, does it really matter?

Clare Capp of writes "I've been having a think recently, and that's about what really defines us as a "gamer"?

Some people say that you become a gamer even if you play the odd one or two games on PC or mobile, you know like those flash games that some people would lose interest in a few minutes…or gets lodged in your favorite bookmarks and gets used every day like clockwork for months until the next funky flash game comes along. If all this is true then my own mum is a hardcore gamer (when it comes to scrabble on Facebook at least!)"

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3505d ago
Zeus Lee3505d ago

Oh believe me,it matters for Microsoft.

Mike Wallace3505d ago

...then they stand on their mountain of expensive electronics and video games and compare the number of hours they've spent in front of the TV or monitor.

I don't care if I'm classified as a "gamer" or not. In fact, in the real social world, "gamer" had a negative connotation. I'm perfectly happy with my 360 Arcade. I'm never on Live and I don't even have a hard drive. I play maybe an hour or so a day, just to unwind after work. Then I go do other stuff. Gaming is a disease. Get off your ass and go do something else, gamer.

thomo18883505d ago

Well said. Games are good to pass the time but get your ass out doors and do something.