The Conduit New Screenshots

5 new screenshots have been released.

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ChickeyCantor3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

If only these 3 turned into Zombie Pirates...=(
Gonna be a fun game, I'm surprised that i actually like COD:WAW.
So i wonder how this game will pack out compared to that one.
(btw that image actually looks good =/)

Look at the shiny suite! >_>...

jtucker783500d ago

That does look very good. I'm pleasantly surprised.

Nice level of detail in the character models.
And good use of depth of field too. Very nice.

I hope the enemies animate as well as they look.

ChickeyCantor3500d ago

Also is it me or is the player in "scope" mode in that image?
would be nice to see the whole screen instead of a block box around it.

jtucker783500d ago

Yeah, looks like sniper scope.

I really hope HV nail the online with Wii Speak.
There aren't any Wii games that have Team Deathmatch yet are there?
I assume conduit will have it won't it?
I hope so. It's my prefered multiplayer mode.

Team deathmatch, Wii Speak, decent matchmaking / party system and good Wiimote FPS controls (which from what I hear it has already got). That's all I ask for.

Has there been any news about leaderboards, ranks, multiplayer modes yet?

Maxned3500d ago

Yea sidar, that pic actually looks next-gen. Im not saying Killzone 2 or Gears 2 next-gen, but you know...

ChickeyCantor3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

They said they will announce more about online.
But Team-death-match has been confirmed.

i dont think there is multiplayer, at least they havnt confirmed it.

- Ghost of Sparta -3500d ago

In all honesty, that looks way better than Halo 3.

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Cajun Chicken3501d ago

Cajun can detect change in wind for Wii...

AndrooC3500d ago

It's looking better and better with every new set of screenshots release. Now Wii games ALWAYS look bad in screenshots but look good (depends) in motion.

This, along with Galaxy, is the only game tha tlooks so good in screenshots as well as in motion!!

hatchimatchi3500d ago

your kidding right?

conduit does look pretty good though. It sucks though cause i have a launch wii and i get little pixelated blocks on my tv when i play games. I thought it was my old tv, but it happens also with my new one. It can get real annoying sometimes.

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