EA: No info on PS3 Mass Effect 2 at this time

EA has refused to clarify speculation surrounding what platforms the hotly anticipated sci-fi action RPG Mass Effect 2 will eventually be released on.

In a statement issued to, publisher EA said: "There is no information on a PS3 version at this time."

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frayer3499d ago

Timed exclusive! I called it first.

DarK-SilV3499d ago

no they are waiting to see of MS is going to pay them for Mass ef

table3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

mass effect 1 looked awesome but i dont have a 360 or a good enough PC to play it. I need this one on ps3.

anh_duong3499d ago

i said it was a timed exclusive yesterday and got a load of disagrees. i also said that EA will not make any comments on a ps3 version which is exactly what they have just done.

EA can not deny or confirm the existance of ME2 for ps3 because this is the exclusivity deal with MS.

Nineball21123499d ago

It certainly seems that a "No comment" leaves a lot of room open for it to come to the PS3 later.

If it really wasn't, they would just come right out and say "No".

From all I've heard ME was a great game, so if ME2 comes to the PS3, I"ll more than likely pick it up.

Ninja-Sama3499d ago

usually mean that it's coming no? With Mass Effect 1 I remember them affirming its exclusivity, but things aren't looking so certain now...:D

theEnemy3499d ago

has some news up on their sleeves this E3

rockleex3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

Sony will pull a Microsoft!

"Steal" one of the competitor's main exclusive RPGs during E3! >:D

ZuperAmazingCooKie3499d ago

Almost anything is possible. Even Gears of War, which is owned by Epic, not Microsoft.

morganfell3499d ago

No info on the PS3 version is for a reason. EA is still trying to work out the marketing of "Do we bring out ME1 on the PS3 while 360 gamers and PC gamers get ME2? Will that be bad? Or do we put ME1 into ME2 and charge $79?"

HighDefinition3499d ago

It`s a great game.

I just hope they fix some of the problems/annoyances in the 1st one.

InfectedDK3499d ago

"EA: No info on PS3 Mass Effect 2 at this time"
Mass Effect 2 PS3 confirmed! Now get over it :)

Aquanox3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

Bioware in 2007:

"We currently have no plans for Mass Effect on PS3"

2009 and there's still no ME on PS3.

The only message I get from this is from Sony fans:

"We Really, really (did I say really?) want this fantastic game"

InfectedDK3499d ago

Aquanox I hope you aren't living in a cave?
Did EA own it back then? - No.
That means the money from Microsoft for timed exclusivity starts from 2009 ok? :)

Ju3499d ago

@Morgen. Oh, look, someone had the same idea. I think it won't happen though, but put ME1 and 2 on one disk and sell it for a premium. Why not? I would go for it. As long as the price is not double, that's fine.

Aquanox3499d ago


Did MS own Bioware back then?
Does MS own EPIC?

MS even secured 2 chapters of GTA IV exclusively, there's no reason to think they can't have a deal with EA for Mass Effect.

InfectedDK3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

"Did MS own Bioware back then?
Does MS own EPIC?"

Do I have to say anymore than "BioShock", "Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2" or do I have to give more examples?

"MS even secured 2 chapters of GTA IV exclusively, there's no reason to think they can't have a deal with EA for Mass Effect. "

No they didn't.
The fun part is they only secured it for dlc. not for disc based.
So who knows? That's the same question over and over again with 360 exclusives.

Heliophage3499d ago

People can't be reasoned with. If they say "no," the PS3 crowd echos "they said 'no' about Bioshock!" and "they said 'no' about Ninja Gaiden 2!"

Is there anything they can say that will actually mean "no"?

JD_Shadow3499d ago

Why wait until E3 to spring the news? GDC 09 is less than a week away!

xwabbit3499d ago

At least im happy i got a pro pc, so i can just get it for PC, I am a PC gamer so this goes 2 my favor lol, only thing that made me go to console was MGS4. All other games like killzone 2, LBP, heavenly sword, uncharted, etc, are just bonuses

WeaseL3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

Sony will announce ME1&2 on 1 Blu-ray disc with no extra charge

Sarcasm3499d ago

"Bioware in 2007:

"We currently have no plans for Mass Effect on PS3"

2009 and there's still no ME on PS3. "

"Itagaki highlighted the announcement that Team NINJA will develop “NINJA GAIDEN 2,” the true sequel to the best-selling and critically acclaimed Xbox original, exclusively for Xbox 360."

No Itagaki, NG:S2 announced.

So you're telling me... That EA. That releases on every platform known to man and has never had an exclusive game. Is going to start having a change of heart now?

EA is hated on in the world of games for their decrease in quality. But that doesn't mean they aren't some of the smartest when it comes to business decisions. They know they'd make more money off a multiplatform title than accept $50 mil from Microsoft.

y0haN3499d ago

Well, EA like to make the PS3 version first, so I say it either exists and they have been paid to stfu for a while, or it really is exclusive. But probably the former.

NickIni3499d ago

"People can't be reasoned with. If they say "no," the PS3 crowd echos "they said 'no' about Bioshock!" and "they said 'no' about Ninja Gaiden 2!"

Is there anything they can say that will actually mean "no"? "

True. But to be fair, there hasn't been a "no" for quite a while now.

Ah. I don't know why I care. I'll just get it for my 360.

TheDude2dot03499d ago

I would say it's fairly obvious it's coming to the PS3 now.

Tony P3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

No comment? No sh*t.

Even if they never bring it to the PS3, they will try to keep the option open. There's no good reason to burn that bridge before you have to.

All this confirms is what we know already. The interest in bringing ME to PS3 is there. Whether such interest comes with active pursuit is not something upon which I have enough info to speculate.

pain777pas3499d ago

For real I loved the first game yet I don't have my 360 I gave to the gf with rockband so I need this ported EA thanks. The first one too on the same disc couldn't hurt either.

GUNS N SWORDS3498d ago

in order to really enjoy the series you got to start from the beginning........and how long has mass effect1 been an exclusive?

it's been over a year going on 2 and still nothing other than a pc version.

Argento-Nox3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

@1.18 Heliophage who said:

People can't be reasoned with. If they say "no," the PS3 crowd echos "they said 'no' about Bioshock!" and "they said 'no' about Ninja Gaiden 2!"

Is there anything they can say that will actually mean "no"?

My answer:

Ummm...the correct answer to your question is NO!?

Fanboys will be fanboys, regardless of the stripes they wear.

Weren't 360 fanboys saying something like MGS4 would be going to the 360 etc. It's not like Mass Effect was produced by a MS game studio. With the recent announcement of NG2 and Bioshock 2, games that were MS exclusives, just confirmed for the PS3, ME isn't exactly a guaranteed exclusive anymore, considering EA likes multi-platform games.

Look at NG2 that said MS studios right on the box and Bioshock which take-2 denied for a whole year as never going to PS3. Times change and if ME was announced today as a multi-platform game, I'd barely blink in acknowledgement. Unlike some, I'll wait until an official announcement comes, but it's certainly obvious that it's MS's turn to lose exclusives.

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frayer3499d ago

Xbutz have to live with the fact that there once exclusives are jumping ships. EA- "No comment" means we can't confirm it yet.

The Peoples ARMPIT3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

Look there is no reason to deny the facts. EA will bring the franchise to the ps3 so just hope i'm not the one to same i told you so.

I wouldn't be surprised if they where doing this to generate interest in the game. The flip flopping is getting ridiculous.

talltony3499d ago

Mass Effect 1 and 2 will be available on ps3 on 1 bluray. I think its a timed exclusive for microsoft.

II Necroplasm II3499d ago

Seems like there would be an announcement on the first Mass Effect to come to the PS3 by now if so.

cayal3499d ago

PS3 doesn't need Mass Effect to get Mass Effect 2.

And before anyone starts, no you do not need the save files from ME1 to play 2. So give it a rest.

Ghoul3499d ago

bringing mass effect 2 to the ps3 without mass effect 1 would be utterly retarded.
sony would never do such moves.

Microsoft Xbox 3603499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

Saints Row 2 got on PS3 without the first. Mass Effect 2 has a high chance of coming over to the PS3 regardless of the first game coming to the PS3 or not.

Mike134nl3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

since mass effect builds upon the story etc of mass effect1 (see possibility to use save files)
And considering it is a rpg (in which storylines play a very important role) It would be stupid to suggest it would come to the ps3

Though when assuming mass effect 2 will come to ps3 it would be a different case if they would announce mass effect 1 for ps3 indicating that m2 would come to ps3

anh_duong3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )


ever since the dawn of gaming franchises, and sequels have beem jumping between consoles.

Microsoft Xbox 3603499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

That is correct. Star Ocean for example. SO3 exclusive to the PS2 and now SO4 exclusive to the 360. Being an RPG is no exemption. Chances of Mass Effect 2 on the PS3? Very much likely.

Ghoul3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

you are all right about what you say i still dont think they would bring such a story intense game to the rival console witchout part 1.

"ever since the dawn of gaming franchises, and sequels have beem jumping between consoles. "

i know that very well


most franchises switched plattforms only on a gen change, not in te current gen. sure there are some but its not normal.

Sarcasm3499d ago

Resident Evil 5 is on the 360, without RE1,2,3,4...

What's your point?

zethos563498d ago

it's the generation gap. How many game series have you soon switch consoles mid-gen?

Argento-Nox3498d ago

Sony could just put out ME1 like how they're planning to put out Deadrising 1, over PSN. Put in a voucher in a PS3 version of ME2 for a discount ME1 via PSN, voila, problem solved. This is assuming that ME ever goes to the PS3 in the 1st place.

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frayer3499d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if Mass Effect 1 was coming to the PS3 under another name like Ninja Gaiden. Bioware were hiring for PS3 programmers last year...

cayal3499d ago

And the 360 fanboys continue to hold their breath.

II Necroplasm II3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

I think it's the PS3 fanboys holding their breath believing what they want to hear.

This is not news. I am sure we will see these articles untill the game even comes out in 2010, because N4G is all about some "speculation" on a daily basis.

callahan093499d ago

Necro, there was no confirmation that it was not coming to PS3 yesterday, and yet we get an article headline that says it's confirmed: not coming to PS3. It was sensationalism at its most obvious. The actual confirmed information in the article was that the game IS coming to 360 and PC. The absence of information on a PS3 version is not the same thing as a confirmation that there is no PS3 version in the works. A proper headline would have contained the pertinent information as follows:

Confirmed: Mass Effect 2 hits 360 and PC in 2010

But, rather than put the important confirmed info there (the release window!), or mentioning the facts as mentioned in the press release, they say "Confirmed: ME2 not coming to PS3." Which was in fact not confirmed at all.

This is even more evident when you consider that now EA has a direct opportunity to truly confirm that it's not coming to PS3, and guess what? They don't confirm it. They go with the generic "no comment" response, which, with GDC around the corner (less than a week away), is perfectly reasonably considering they're not going to announce a PS3 version in a press release or a public relations response, they're going to do it at GDC.

Now, I'm not saying the game is certainly coming to the PS3, because obviously THAT isn't *CONFIRMED* either. The point I'm trying to make is that people shouldn't get their hopes up for an exclusive because right now there is simply no true confirmation that it will not be appearing on PS3. The chance is still there.

Sarcasm3499d ago

"I think it's the PS3 fanboys holding their breath believing what they want to hear. "

Yes, because they know ME is a great game and they want to play it.

Sure, there are the sad PS3 fans that just want it so the 360 loses exclusivity again.

But I think some are genuinely just interested in the series and only own a PS3.

hac-hunter3499d ago

I can't help thinking that xbox fans are starting to get desperate.
Has anyone else noticed that too?

speculation on non-confirmed exclusivity by PS3 fans is bad, but not as bad as the MGS4 on XBOX360 rumors going around back in the day.

Here we have "hmmm they haven't outright confirmed or denied the existence of ME2 for it may actually come out."

Where as 360 fans were saying "I heard from a gamestop employee that had a contact at MSFT who knew a janitor at Konami who said that MGS4 might make it out on 360!"....
and the rumors persisted even after Kojima/Konami confirmed that there was no 360 version of MGS4 in development.

there's a difference in the level of "speculative" speculation between PS3 fans and 360 fans.

Narutone663498d ago

the level of maturity of the fans of each console.
On topic:
EA is probably delaying the announcement for the GDC event. EA, of all game companies, will surely go multi-platform for all their games.

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